December 13, 2014


Hi Everyone!!

Hope you all are doing great. The weather over here in the Northern part of India has suddenly turned a bit too chilly. Over the past few days, there was a lot of speculation about why it wasn't as cold yet,as it should be in the month of December. I think the weather Gods just overheard the conversation and now it is just too cold…

Anyway, weather news apart, there’s an important update about my life that I wanted to share with you all. After a gap of about 7 years since my last job, 5 years from my post graduation (that also includes 5 years as a stay at home mum), I have now managed to find a job and a workplace that is as per my preference. What this also means is that after spending a whole day at work and coming back home to a truckload of other responsibilities, I will not have as much time to blog as I had before (or at least for the time being until I learn how to manage all of it together!!! )

Press Release: Lakmé Lip Love and Shraddha Kapoor

It’s going to be a winter tinted with love with the new Lakmé LIP LOVE lip care!
Shraddha Kapoor launches the first ever dual-core lip balm by Lakmé

December 2, 2014

Some cool new hair products and a haul !!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about being MIA, the change of weather and a lot of stuff on the home front kept me engaged for the past few days, but now, I'm back and I wanted to start off with showing you all some new stuff that has made way into my vanity.

November 24, 2014

Makeup Look: Why are Mondays so blue??

 Hello Everyone,

Well, yes, it's again a Monday, and I don't know how, but very often when I'm doing a look on Monday, my hands automatically picks up makeup in the shades of blue...Today, yet again, was another such Monday and while I started off with something else in my mind, I ended up creating this look. Oh yes, if you think I'm doing too many of these bling-y looks these days, blame it on the upcoming wedding season and winter holidays .... ;)

November 21, 2014

Makeup Look : Metallic Bronze Eyes and a Red Pout feat. Inglot Lipstick #229 and MAC Pigment in Tan

Hi Everyone,

I go through these makeup phases when I get addicted to a particular style, of maybe eyeliner, say a winged liner, then maybe colored liners for a while, phases of neutral eye makeup with only kohl and mascara and blah blah blah....(I can just go on and on here...)

My current crush is a type of eyeshadow application technique called foiling in which you mix a pigment with a medium and apply on the lids like paint. Foiling is one technique that is very apt when you want to add a dollop of glamour and metallic shine in your makeup without putting in too much extra hard work, plus it looks great in pictures too.