April 1, 2015

BAREEVER Natural Hair Inhibitor : Review

Bareever Natural Hair Inhibitor , Rs 1100/80 g, available at amazon.in

Ladies and their problems, I tell you! 

Every month the usual trip to the salon to rid yourself of the unwanted hair on your body kind of puts me off just as I even think of it. So, when I was contacted by the team at Wet and Dry Personal Care to try out their natural hair growth inhibitor I was kind of intrigued by the concept and gave a go ahead to try out this product for them. It has been about 4 months now, and today I'm going to share my thoughts on this product to give you an idea of what this is about.

March 31, 2015

Weekend makeup HAUL!!

Hey everyone,

Today I'll sharing some pictures of my weekend haul. I was out for a party with some friends last Sunday, and post lunch, the ladies decided to go for some shopping leaving behind the men with their beer. It was a relaxed afternoon and while checking out some other stuff, I spotted a MAC and without a ray of hope, went about asking for a Retro Matte shade I'd been wanting for long. Imagine my ecstasy when the SA informed me that ALL FIRED UP was IN STOCK. I quickly picked up one and walked out of the store feeling utterly delighted at my luck. Btw, MAC lipsticks are now Rs 1450 and though, I wasn't quite happy with the price hike, I know in my heart MAC Lipsticks are worth every single penny you pay for them ;)

March 30, 2015

Say Hello to summers: OOTD Crop Top and Palazzo Pants

Hey everyone,
When it comes to summers, I kind of develop an aversion to denims (even though I can't ever completely avoid them! ) . This time, I decided I'd wear the coolest and the most comfortable types of bottoms for my everyday work wear (since wearing dresses can be a bit difficult for me on a routine basis!).

SURAJKUND: A visual tour of the Crafts Mela with #MyAsusZenFone5

Hi Everyone, 

I used the #MyAsusZenFone 5 extensively last month, especially for taking pictures and I'm quite glad to share with you some snippets from my visit to the Surajkund Crafts Mela. This is an images only post so sit back and enjoy the virtual tour! 
Starting the journey with a selfie! #MyAsusZenFone5
And Buddha welcomes us at the entrance! #MyAsusZenFone5

March 18, 2015

Go For A Makeover This Summer With Online Makeup Products

Every woman likes to go for a makeover for no reason. It is just that they need to look beautiful and different all the time. They like to get complimented for their looks and style and they do not hesitate to spend any amount for the same. Now, there is numerous beauty products that help you to become look the most gorgeous and stunning. Normally we see that women prefer to go for a makeover every now and then to keep themselves updated about the new trends happening around.
There are a lot of products available in the market for the same, with which you can go for the best makeover in your looks and attitude, making you transformed into an attractive personality. Have a look at these popular online stores that can bring in the best looks in you, making you look all the more beautiful and gorgeous…