September 6, 2011

Beauty Tip Of the Day for Dull eyes

For dark and tired looking  under eyes area/bags, try applying sweet almond oil every night before going to sleep...over a period of almost 10 to 14 days , you will notice that the area has brightened up and your eyes will look more awake..I have tried this, although it was for the purpose of growing some lashes, but then, almond oil is magical... not only I notice that my lashes are looking a li'l more dense, but the under eye area is looking better..I say before going to bed, because the almond oil , when it gets into the eyes, it may irritate a bit...its always safer to use the edible quality oil, I use Roghan Badam Shirin by Hamdard..I also apply it to my brows but unfortunately there is no improvement in hair growth in the eyebrows..maybe I'll try Castor oil now.....
Would you try almond oil for your eyes????

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