September 5, 2011

EOTD- Frieda Pinto inspired eye makeup

Afternoon my lovely ladies...
last evening I saw on the L'Oreal page a picture of Freida Pinto and she had an awesome eye makeup which I was inspired to I am just starting off so I didnt actually have the exact shades that she had on her eyes, so I used the ones that were closest and created the look...Truly speaking, I initially thought I would take almost half an hour to create it but then, it took me close to arounf 10 mins, right from applying the base to mascara...I hope you all like it and enjoy it... And if anyone of you wants a step by step tutorial too, please leave a comment in the box below....And I appreciate all feedback.. :))

  Here's list of the products I used:
  1. Chambor E/s trio in #56-Sea Shimmer
  2. Lakme' e/s quartet in Peacock
  3. Some colors from the Victoria's Secret Hello Bombshell makeup Kit
  4. L'Oreal Contour Khol (Black)
  5. Maybelline NY Mascara-Define-a-lash and Colossal Volume Express


  1. peacock inspired would be more like it .. :)
    But truly beautiful

  2. ha ha, Thanks Nishi, yeah, I did actually use the peacock quartet by Lakme' so you can say that.. :D

  3. This is very pretty Agnibanya :)
    the colors are blended so nicely :)


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