September 6, 2011

NOTD- Elle 18 #04

Of late I've been so fond of Elle 18 nail pops that I've found myself buying them often...Maybe its because after many many years that I saw them, used to buy these cuties when I was in my engineering college and loved them because
  1. They were inexpensive, Rs 25 then and 45 now...
  2. Many many colors, the kinds you don't even get in higher brands
  3. The quantity is so less that you can easily finish off one in about 7-10 applications depending upon your nail length , and then you can buy more :D

Well, for many years in between,that is after college and now, I didn't find these cuties in any store that I visited,and so just saw those color bomb ads and sighed..but then I saw these on a website,and ordered a couple of this one that I have on my nails today is a pretty pale lavender color ...the #04...the first coat comes in pretty sheer, but after 3 coats its pretty opaque as you will see in the in love with this gonna buy a dress of this color now to match it with my nails...

Do you like this lavender color????


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