September 8, 2011

NOTD-L'Oreal Resist and Shine Titanium #535 Merlot Red

 Hello my lovely beautiful ladies, it's finally the 2nd half of the week and weekend is almost here and I'm happy about that ...I today decided to review one of my lesser preferred nail paints for you all...This one is by L'Oreal and I had a tough time locating the name of this nail paint which I had got without knowing the name or number...Believe me, before writing about it today, I had not even bothered to check... :D

Good Things first:
  1. The Color, amazing rich crimson red..I am in love with the color
  2. The packaging, it comes in a concave bottle with a  golden cap, which is removable, and underneath is a black cap cum applicator, which is long enough for a super comfy grip, and it makes more sense because to be applying with the golden cap could have been quite bulky..
  3. The opacity, in 2 coats its completely opaque...
  4. Non streaky ..
  5. The soft frost look is worth killing for..
The not-so-good part:
  1. The drying time...oh gawd, the most important factor that I keep in mind when buying a nail paint..It takes long to completely dry up...most of the times that I apply this nail polish, I end up having impressions on the nails, like of cloth or whatever...and I HATE it!!
  2. The price, Rs 400/- ...I think its a bit too much for this quality...
  3. The limited colors....yes, in this range there are about 10 or 12 colors available in India...Too bad..
  4. The shine, without a top coat, it  looks faded..
  5. The staying power, naah!! chips off in about a day for me, if I don't apply a top coat....  :(

My Final Verdict :

3/5 , for packaging ,opacity and texture...otherwise it's a let down, especially because it's from L'Oreal and I had higher expectations...I don't like this much because it takes a long long time to dry, and I don't have that much time... :P
Otherwise, the color is good enough, though I do feel very restricted in such colors, particularly this red, goes well with traditional outfits but not much with my casual ones... Buy it at your own risk..I wouldn't want to repurchase !!


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  2. Very well written review. Would certainly recommend my female friends to use this.

  3. oh..don't recommend...I don't think it's WORTH IT!!


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