September 20, 2011

NOTD:Lakme True Wear Nail color#243

Hello all you lovely ladies,

        Today I was feeling a little dull and so decided to open my nail polish drawer to find something that will pep up my mood, and what did I find...Lakme' true wear nail color#243..........

        This nail color is I think from the Gypsy collection, and is a beautiful midnight deep purple...It's been about 3/4 months that I had bought it ,and only because I wanted a dark purple color in my collection, and have used it only once before applying it today.....but today I just felt it was the right color to suit my mood and hence its on my nails now ...I am in love with this nail color now and I'm going to wear it more often......its such a pretty color and I wonder why  was so afraid to wear it outside...  :O

and here it is on my nails .....

            I personally think it would suit short nails more than long nails, because it might make long nails look like claws..Thank Goodness, that I'd trimmed my nails about 2 days back.....  ;)

            It cost me INR 90/95 I'm not sure...but I think its totally worth it! Lakme' has really gone up on quality and the last time I wore it ,it stayed on for about 4 days without chipping, with a top coat of course!!..Isn't that cool ?????  The only problem I faced is that the first coat comes out a little streaky, but nothing that can not be managed with another 2 coats...In the picture above I have 3 coats, which I normally wear whether a nail paint is streaky or not....  so I don't really mind that part ...   :)) ...also it dries very fast which is a big plus point for me...

          For a mother to a 20 month old, I hardly have time to change nail paints often and this baby just serves the purpose...

My rating : 4.5/5 (-0.5 only for the streaking part :))  )

Do you like this nail color??? what colors do you prefer on dull and gloomy days???

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