November 5, 2011

My first attempt at doing a cut crease!

Hello all,

I have been wanting to try doing a cut crease for so long, but couldn't for some reason or the other, and today when I finally managed to do it, it was the most disastrous technique I ever tried. I thought it would be easy but it is the toughest thing that I ever tried. My respect for those who do it perfectly has increased manifold times now..It was very difficult for a beginner like me to try such an advanced look, and I was very disappointed at the end of it but wanted to share pictures with you, so here they are ... Comments and suggestions are most welcome!!


  1. First attempt? Girl you nailed it! Super gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Pandora's Box :)) Ya that was really my first and probably the last attempt so far...haven't tried it yet again, found it really difficult to get that clean cut look..


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