November 5, 2011

NOTD- Colorbar #06-Apple Martini

Hello beautiful people,
                  A while back I read about this particular nail color shade on a beauty blog and ever since then, I  wanted to get this particular shade from Colorbar. It seemed an impossible task because either I could not find a store that stocks Colorbar near where I stay, or the Colorbar counters at various stores were out of stock, or the bottles they had were tested by a lot of women so these ugly nail paint rings on the rim of the bottle were there which absolutely turn me off,!!
                  Anyway, finally, after lusting for this nail polish for about three to four months , I could lay my hands on it, all thanks to .. One day while browsing through the site , I saw that urbantouch did stock Colorbar nail Paints, and I got totally excited but  then noticed that this particular shade was not there, so I sent them an e-mail requesting the same, and a few days later I find the color there, I immediately ordered it, and got it the next evening and I was super duper excited. Immediately started applying it, forgetting that I had work to do and my toddler was awake so I won't get any drying time... 

Price: INR 150 for 9 ml.

My  take on Apple Martini:
Well, to begin with it is the most unique green I've ever seen in a nail color, and the prettiest one I own. The color if I were to describe will be a green with cool blue undertones, absolutely gorgeous one . The consistency of the nail paint is very thin and it took me about 4 coats to get the color right, but then it dries super fast, and I didn't have to wait for long to apply coats. I had to rush to do some work and forgot to apply the top coat and I did all household work and then the second day too, and the nail paint was still there...omg, was I dreaming?? A normal Lakme would definitely have chipped, and colorama would have vanished, but this one stayed there. I am now definitely going to buy more of these, Grape Sangria is already on my list..I am in love with Colorbar for making such good nail polishes and so many trendy colors to choose from...

And here is it on my nails!!       

Anyway, pictures are not doing justice to the gorgeous color that this is..In reality, it is a little more green than what you can see in pictures!! I just could not capture the actual color on my camera somehow.... 

Hope you all enjoyed reading through..
Happy weekend!!

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