January 19, 2012

Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick #10-Fiery Orange - Review

Hello beautiful people,

I'm going through a lipstick phase these days and so I thought of sharing some thoughts about my Faces Moisture Rich Lipstick in #10 Fiery Orange.

 Now, we all have heard of Faces as a brand, and though comparatively new in the India market, it has captured a good share because of the awesome quality of the products it makes, as well as the variety, from skin care to makeup products, and tools....the list is really long.

I had got this particular lipstick when I was going through the Orange lipstick phase , from an online shopping portal, and to say the least I was very disappointed, with the shade because I was looking for an orange lipstick , nonetheless I'm pretty happy with this purchase.....read on to know more..

The shade Fiery Orange is a actually a deep pink shade with a lot of Coral tones because of which it makes it a very evening wear shade if worn at full intensity, otherwise for day wear I prefer to tint my lips with this and it comes off as a light berry pink color.

The texture is super creamy, unlike many lipsticks which claim to be moisturizing but don't fulfills their claims. True to its name, it is indeed a moisture rich lipstick, does not settle in fine lines, does not dry out lips and gives completely opaque color in just one swipe. 

 The staying power is more than 4 hrs without meals and even after which it leaves a tint on the lips .

The price is INR 349 for a good 4.2 g

The packaging is a sturdy black case with a transparent bottom half which also acts as a shade indicator in case you have many of these in your vanity.

It is easily available across online shopping sites but not much in stores in Delhi/NCR. 

Overall , I'd say these are very good quality lipsticks and I think with the variety of shades available, everyone can find at least one that they will like. I'm eyeing French Rose and First Lady from this range, which is already a hit in the blogging community

I highly recommend these. A must have in everyone's vanity. There is not a  single thing I do not like except the packaging, only if they'd revamp it to make it  more interesting!

Hope this review helped...


  1. beautiful color!!! I love the first lady from this line-this one looks good too!! thanks for the review!!

    1. You're welcome Anuradha....I know "First Lady" is such a hit...even I want to have it :D

  2. agnibanya this is soooooooo beautiful!!!! gorgeous shade!!!! love love love it!

    1. You also try these Sam, I'm sure you'll like 'em as much as I did! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Taps, have u tried these moisture rich ones....they are so nice??

  4. really a pretty colour. and your lips look yummmmm.

  5. omg these r too good
    im in love with the two i have
    but eyeing this one too ;)

    do u apply lippy with a brush?

    1. Hey Neha, I never use a lip brush, I know it the biggest makeup "faux pas" I can commit, but I find it way too cumbersome as I'm always in a rush... :D

      What two shades do you have??

  6. Gorgeous shade..looking nice on your lips!!!

    Nice blog..i'm following :)

    Btw I'm having a blog sale- Faces, Sleek makeup & Ellis faas products available

    1. Hey, thanks Rakhshanda....Am sure it will look great on you too...

  7. Very pretty shade...would look great with winged liner...looks exactly like NYX lipstick in Fire which my sis has....I'm soo chicken too carry off such shades! :p

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