January 11, 2012

Revlon ColorBurst # 065- Rosy Nude- Swatch only

Hey everone,

I posted a review on the Colorburst Lipstick- Mauve a few days ago, you can check it HERE, and I thought I would just post swatches of the other shade that I had from the same range. This is called Rosy Nude and it is my go to lip color everytime I'm looking for a neutral shade. Enjoy the pictures...

Have  a sunny day ...
hugs galore!!!


  1. this is an awsom range to me i've the crimson shade.... nice shade

  2. Pretty pretty shade!!! I love such mild pink shades!!! I will have a tough time deciding which one to buy in this line!!!

  3. Hey Ani, I love the shade Crimson too and have been eyeing it for a while now... just that it is out of stock at all Revlon counters in SS and Lifestyle and Pantaloons, and Central...everywhere...

    Anuradha, you get a shade soon now..I'll in all probability buy a few more soon, Crimson and Fuchsia probably..

  4. i have a nyx lipstick in similar shade..great for natural look..


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