January 13, 2012

Victoria’s Secret Hello Bombshell Makeup Kit- Review/Swatches

Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to review the first makeup kit I ever owned, the Hello Bombshell Makeup Kit by Victoria’s Secret. I had never owned any makeup product from Victoria’s secret till my sister got me this one on one of her trips to the US early last year. The time when I got this I had only about 2 or 3 eyeshadows and a couple of lipsticks and this makeup kit got me all excited to increase my makeup collection, but that’s another story.

 Victoria’s Secret describes this kit as:
55 must-haves for eyes, lips and face.
5 ¼” x 4 ¼” x 1 ½”. Domestic and imported. A $209 Value.

  • 30 Eye Shadows
  • 5 Lip Glosses
  • 5 Lipsticks
  • 4 Blushes
  • 1 Luminous Powder
  • 1 Translucent Powder
  • 1 Bronzer
  • 1 Mascara
  • 1 Lip Liner
  • 1 Eye Liner
  • 5 Brushes
The kit when opened looks like this: 

The price quoted on the website is $30 but I got this for $29.50 and the comparable value as it says on the carton is $104.
There is a complete ingredient list on the outer carton:

My take on the product:
To begin with, I am in love with this kit, it absolutely answers my all my travel queries, the eyeshadows are decently pigmented, and have mostly soft and subdued everyday wear colors. The staying power could have been better though. They fade easily, like in about 2-3 hours. These do not crease though and the fading is very even and not patchy. The darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter colors and I sometime feel that they could have given less of these light shades and maybe added one or two matte shades. All the eyeshadows are satin finish except for one, the dark grey on the bottom right and two shimmery ones, black on the rightmost side of middle row and mauve, 2nd from the left, middle row.

Some Eye shadow Swatches:   (the uppper picture shows swatches of some shadows, with and without base, the bottom picture shows swatches without a base)

The lipsticks, the right row ones, and very lightweight and well pigmented too. 2 to 3 coats give full coverage and very wearable colors. All colors are crème finish except for the bottommost one, which has some shimmer but nothing OTT. 


 And the glosses are just too fabulous, one swipe and you are good to go. And you have like really cool colors in there, very very glossy and plumping effect these have. I think because of the superfine shimmer, which I am so loving.These stay for a good time like about 2-3 hours which is pretty okay for me.

 The eye pencil is black, soft, smooth and easy to apply, but it’s not the blackest black. The lip liner is #$@*&$%!@$#$ , whatever, I initially thought it was a concealer pencil..lol.. and then read on the box…the mascara is the tiniest tube I have ever seen, very very cute and surprisingly very light on the lashes and non-clumpy and doesn’t make the lashes hard like the other mascaras I’ve used. I wish they made it in larger tubes so I could hoard on it .. The applicator brushes are ..Umm...funny…but okay, this is a travel kit, so no big big stuff…the blusher/powder/sawdust brush is weird, haven’t used it even once and it is already shedding. The sponge tip applicators are useless for me.

Coming to the bottom most tray, there are 4 blushers, out of which I always end up using only the outer two, because the mauve one would make me look like just escaped from a circus and the pale pink wouldn’t show. I think these may suit very fair skinned girls but even that I’m guessing. The mauve according to me is very funny..I would never buy a blush of that color, and I don’t yet know anyone who would.

The translucent powder is okay-ish. Since it is colorless, it will suit all kinds of skin tones. The luminous powder works great as a highlighting powder. And the bronzer is awesome as well. I tend to turn to these two most often for my contouring needs.

So summing up the pros and cons:
*      Decently priced for all of that stuff inside
*      Love the pink casing, looks really hot!!
*      Quality of products inside are very good
*      I never had any allergies or reactions with these, and these days I have really sensitive skin.
*      Can help in creating soft as well as dramatic looks.
*      It is all you’d need for your daily makeup, except perhaps a foundation or tinted moisturizer
*       Can easily fit into your vanity case

*      Availability can be an issue
*      Brushes provided are useless
*       Eyeshadows work best only with a primer
*      Some matte eyeshadows like a black and a dark brown would have completed the eyeshadow rack
*      I believe along with the black, a brown eye liner would have been really useful.

Overall, I think this is a great kit to have, especially when you’re travelling. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing as well…

Have a love day all...bb-byeeeeeeee


  1. I liked the lipstick shades and few blusher shades a lot! overall really awesome kit while travelling! anyways joined you via gfc! :)

  2. oh this is indeed a bombshell palette !!! nice blog .. following u sweetly ... check out my blog too-- http://sugarspiceandalldatsnice.blogspot.com/

  3. the shades are so good..esp the midnight blue and the hot pink shade.. :)

    1. ya Kuheli, awesome quality at that price.. I totally love this one!! :)

  4. the lip shades are just spectacular ab!

    1. ye sthey are Neha, really nice, I never expected them to be so good, and that's why I tried them the last... but I really use them very often these days..


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