February 20, 2012

Inglot Haul

Hey girls,

I know I have been missing from the scene for quite a while now, and I'm really sorry about that....Well, the thing is my sister is getting married in a few months and I am going to be a little busy for some time because of that, so that means lesser posts and reviews...However , I will be hauling a lot and would definitely try to share with you all as much as I can and whenever I can...you know how much I love doing that, don't you???

Anyway, my sister was in town last month for a few days and we did some shappoing at Zara, Inglot and TheBody Shop, which defionitey are on my "To Share" list....Today I would share my part of the Haul from Inglot....

I got three round Eyeshadows from the Freedom system, and then after a few days I bought a Round Lipstick refill and  a Square eyeshadow refill from shopatmajorbrands.com

So here's a collage I created for you guys ...

Aren't these so pretty...I'm madly in love with Inglot after  these...

P.S.: I'll do swatches as soon as I can.... :)


  1. wow................. what a haul re!!!!... i think i have to make an inglot haul soon..

    1. You must Ani, Inglot is a great brand, awesome quality stuff and most of them are reasonably priced..


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