March 14, 2012

Chambor Dazzle Eye Pencil- Teal Dazzle - Review, swatch and How to wear a colored liner ?

Hey girls, 

                  How have you all been doing? I've been having super busy days and the blogger in me is taking it really easy since the mommie is at work all the time. Anyway, I went makeup shopping a few days back and hauled at Inglot (yet again!!!!) and Colorbar and Chambor, and the highlight of my shopping was the Dazzle eye pencil from Chambor which I had lusted after for I don't know how long, maybe a year or so...ever since I'd first swatched it a lifestyle store, but I had to convince myself a lot about whether to buy it or not because I thought it was really overpriced .

                  And then finally , after a lot of looking around for that shade of Teal ( a bluish green color with some shimmer) , I had no choice but to buy it for the sake of the color....Its one gorgeous hell of a color which comes off as super intense in the first swipe, stays for as long as 10 hrs maybe ( and even after that!!!!) and glides on smoothly on the lids without tugging or pulling. I love wearing it all the time, and while going out I try to pick up a dress so that I can match it with the liner(ya, I do that all the time ;) )

                It comes for INR 480 for a meagre 0.28 gms of product (how exorbitantly priced is that!! ) and I hate the cosmetic companies for doing this to us, coming out with the awesome-est of colors and then force us to shell out that kind of money :P

Ingredients list on the carton

                   The packaging is cool, the same colored as the liner itself, and has some ornate silvery design on it. But I do have a issue with the cap, it does not plug in tight and makes me feel that I have not closed it properly. It is a twist up kind of pencil which is pointed and sharp when new, but with subsequent usage, it gets blunt at the tip and there is no way you can draw a thin line with it. AND it is NON-RETRACTABLE !

Formula vise , its just great, creamy, highly pigmented, waterproof, I have also used it on waterline and have felt no irritation ever, so it waterline safe too :)

Would I recommend it: With all my heart, it is a gorgeous true Teal shade with the same colored shimmer with a great formula that'll steal your heart, the only con being the price, which I'm sure makeup addicts have every right to ignore sometimes...

Okay and also, I did wanted to share a few thoughts about how a colored eye pencil/liner should be worn , so sharing them with you all today.

Step 1: Clean your eye area with some toner on a cotton swab and dust the area lightly with a pressed or loose powder.( I'm sorry I forgot to take  a picture before tightlining! )

Step 2: TIGHTLINE  i.e. run the pencil on the underside of lashes on the upper lash line, with a black/ dark brown eye pencil . Never ever forget this step. Tight-lining instantly makes your lashes look fuller and fills in the gaps between your lashes which don't look pretty peeking from behind of a beautiful liner. Also line the waterline withe same pencil that you used for tight-lining.  Here I have used L'Oreal Contour Khol for the same.

Step 3: Run the colored liner closely along the upper and the lower lash line, you can also use it over your waterline if you are comfortable.

Step 4: Blend the edges of the colored liner with a smudger quickly, because most colored liner tend to set within a few seconds of application. Reapply along the upper lash line to intensify the color.
 Step 5: Curl lashes, apply mascara and you're good to go !!!

Hope you all had as much fun reading, as much as I had writing this post...


    Incredible pigment, brilliant texture, super long-wear, and no smudge... I dont regret shelling some extra few rupya!!! :)

    1. I know, and thanks to you, I loved using yours and hence got one for myself too ....

  2. Beautiful shade <3 Looking very pretty on your eyes!!!!

    1. Thank you Rakshanda...have you tried any of these dazzle eye liners..they are very good..

  3. Replies
    1. ya Pooja, most of these dazzle eye liners are very beautiful..but this one truly stands apart... :)

  4. i swatched some of these in the counter the other day !! loved it absolutely !!this looks gorgeous !!!..and i do line my eyes the same way..thnx for sharing Agni <3 <3
    loved the blog look :) :waytogo:

    1. Hey thanks so much Sukanya, if you didn't buy any of these then, ae baar definitely kine neo....its great stuff !! :))

  5. Thanks a tonne for this review.Bought it today itself and it is amazing :D

    1. you're welcome dear...It's one of the most amazing eye pencils I've got recently :))


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