April 17, 2012

Maybelline Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Liner-Brown and Gold

Hey girlies,

Hope all of you are doing great and buying loads of new makeup.  I very recently got myself the recent most talked about eye makeup product from Maybelline, The Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Eyeliner in Brown and Gold, and though I have literally tons of makeup products waiting to be reviewed, I decided to do this one first only because it just looks Beeee-eeeu-tiful!!!! And I couldn’t wait to share with you guys….

So well, here are some pictures I clicked for you all, and about 4 different ways of wearing this product, well of course there can be many other permutations and combinations, but I haven’t tried any more so far so just sharing the tested ones…

Top Left:   The Brown Liner of upper lash line, and only Golden on lower lash line
Top right:  Same as above except that I added some Golden in the inner corner of the eye
Bottom Left:  The gold part used as eyeshadow on upper lid, just to add some brightness to the eyes
Bottom Right:  I applied some pale shimmery green eyeshadow on top of the Gold applied earlier

And a quick Comparison with the Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black:
  •   This one is a lot more creamy
  •   I didn’t find it as intense as the plain black one
  •   The Gold one is very sheer and unless mixed with the brown, is not of much use as a liner.
  •   Staying power is equally good, stays all day true to its claims without smudging or fading.

 Some Swatches:

Price: INR 425 for 3g 

My take on the Swirl Liner in Brown and Gold:
Uh, it’s just an okay-ish product for me, and had it not been so beautiful, that Golden Swirl in that tiny tub of brown liner, I might not have even bought it. 
The packaging I really don't care much about, it's simple,hassle free, closes tightly and I  don't really bother beyond that ;) It has a brush which is pretty useful, and I kinda have many liner brushes so it is easy for me to pick two shades with two brushes, otherwise I'd really liked a dual ended brush along with this liner (Listen up Maybelline Folks!!)
Although, I can find numerous uses for it, there isn’t anything extraordinarily good or unique about the product. But yes, agreed it is indeed a budget buy as far as gel liners are concerned.  Try it for some fun, but don’t expect too much...

So what do you think of this, would you try it out too ?
Do let me know in your comments below…
Till then, ciao..


  1. totally agreed..the brown is fir bhi okk..but the gold is practically of not much use ,n the swirl pattern is already messed up in mine :(

    1. Hi Sukanya, ever since I saw it on your blog I couldn't rest...ki shundor lagchilo, so I decided to buy.... :)

      Even my pattern is messed up now,took pictures on the day I had got it :D

  2. I really liked it on your eyes... the golden as an eyeshadow looks grt yaa :)

    1. Thanks Bee, the golden comes off as a pale gold on the lids and is good some an extra twinkle here and there ;)

  3. you have beautiful eyes !! I like it over the silver black one.......

    1. Thanks Tanmayee....me thinks makeup,if and when done properly can make any woman look great.. :)

      and even I like it over the silver and black one..golden and brown are preferable shades for most Indian girls I guess :))

  4. It surely looks good
    I bought the black one in this same gel base and in winters it became so thick that i could not use it :(


    1. aww..That's bad Megha, get Inglot Duraline , its a savior!!

  5. True..it looks pretty only in the tub...me likey the brown part only , not the golden part :|

    1. haha, I couldn't have agreed more...the golden is so sheer, even in 7-8 swipes it doesn't show up well...

  6. these beauties look like million dollars...so adorable A...they look gr8 on u

    1. Ya Pavani, they LOOK nice, performance vise not that great.... :))


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