July 5, 2012

MAC Satin Lipstick- Rebel - Swatch/Review

 Hola Girls, 

Am back, yah, yet again, another post...so soon....haha...well, I was just sorting through the pictures I try to take whenever I buy some makeup products and before I use them ....so the lipstick in the pictures look like they haven't been used and there are no fingerprints on products etc etc and then I found another Lipstick picture that I've been meaning to share with all of you ever since I got it home. It is the M.A.C Satin lipstick in the shade REBEL !!!!! ah!! <drools again!!>

M.A.C. describes Rebel as Midtonal Cream Plum and it is a Satin finish lipstick.

How and why I got this lipstick is quite a story...I was upset one day and I the only way I could pep myself up was to go and buy makeup and I headed straight for the M.A.C. store one fine morning. After a lot of looking around and wasting time, I finally got Plumful lipstick and an eyeshadow. And alas, when I reached home I realised it looked very close to Captive which I already had, so the next day I again went back to the store and bought Rebel. And I'm really happy now that I made that extra effort because Rebel is every Bit of a starlet in herself. 

True to its name, rebel is a gorgeous Bright Plum lipstick which might look scary in the bullet but on the lips, it just comes off as a pretty dark plum color and makes a statement on its own.

The formula and texture are worth dying for, which is probably the case for most M.A.C. lipsticks but this one is exceptionally good. Because it is a Satin finish lip color, it doesn't give that creamy shine on the lips which might look over the top and yet it doesn't look or feel dry on the lips like mattes. You can either wear it as a lip stain, or lightly applied or as a full blown color on your face as per your comfort zone and it would always, and without fail look great!!!!

It gives opaque color on one swipe which you can darken too, and really lasts long (read 6+ hrs ) , survives meals and it wore off evenly with a bright pink stain behind so your lips don't look bare.

I generally like to keep my other makeup minimal when I wear this lipstick so that the lipstick doesn't lose focus. I believe it would suit most skin tones and looks very flattering with Indian wear.

And here's another picture of me wearing it in full intensity..

That's only one light swipe of color :)
My Rating: 9/10 (-1 because you would always have to exfoliate lips before wearing this lipstick)

Price : INR 990 / 3 g

Highly recommended if you love bright colors or are looking to experiment with one!!

Ciao till next time !!!!


  1. So many macss in my wishlist .....loved it on your pout :)


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