September 7, 2012

Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick- Nude Coral ; Review and Swatch!!

Hey all, 
               I was facing some issues with Blogger and Gmail for the past few days and was very upset but now things are sorted so here I am, back with another review...Yes, lipstick again!! And since I'm so in a Lipstick mode these days, so I thought I'd share with you one of my latest finds that I'm loving...

Colorbar had recently launched this range called Creme Touch Lipsticks.I actually wanted to try the shade called Passionate from the same range after seeing swatches of the same on Indian Vanity Case. But then when I tried it on my lips at the store, it looked weird on me, not good, not bad, something else, like I had applied some pastel colors on my lips, guess, some shades are not for everyone. But even then I so wanted to try one of these lipsticks since people who used them , had liked them, so after trying a couple of shades from the same range, I decided on this one, and I'm so glad that I got this...

I got the shade 012-Nude Coral from the Creme touch and here's my take on it.

Here's what ColorBar says about the lipstick:
Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick comes with the promise of lips that are eloquent and luscious. It comes with lovely rich colours and rich in moisturizing properties making lips look fuller and creamier all day long. It has sheabutter, Vitamin E and sunscreen agents at SPF 15 level which nourish and protect your lips against UV rays. It glides on effortlessly for flawless, even coverage for that perfect pout. Colorbar Crème Touch Lipstick are the perfect way to pamper your lips, not only you will love the rich, lustrous colour, but the lovely creamy texture of the lip colour as well.
PRICE: INR 450.00                   

The Colorbar Creme touch lipstick comes in a mirror like steel cover, which looks very similar to the Soft Touch Lipsticks from the same Brand. The difference lies in the shiny purple inside case and the same purple in the middle band of the case. 
I so love the packaging, its not like any other lipstick that I own, very different, feminine and pretty. I have to say that the packaging was the first thing that attracted me towards the lipstick. Although it does not have a colored base like the Velvet Mattes have, its not a major issue for me. 

The lipstick has a very soft and creamy feel to it. It glides on smoothly on the lips and feel slight. You can get full coverage with two swipes and its not sticky or gloppy like the Soft touch ones. It makes the lips look fuller and plumper. I also like the fact that it does not bleed on the sides like some Soft Touch ones do on me, yet its always a good idea to use a  lip Liner underneath . The lipstick has SPF 15 for that added protection for your lips! :)

The wearing time of this one is about 2-3 hrs on me and can stay for longer without eating or drinks in between. But even when it wears off, it does leave the lips feeling soft and moisturised . The finish of this lipstick is a soft sheen and not matte or super creamy, somewhere in between, guess that's why it looks so natural on me.

And IT DOES NOT STAIN. A major issue that I faced with the Velvet Matte ones was the horrible stain, but not with this. When it's gone, its just gone, without any traces behind. It does transfer to whatever your lips touch, but not too much. 

The shade 012, Nude Coral is a Soft Brown/N*de with muted Coral tones to it. On lips it looks like a slight hint of color without taking too much and is beautiful for a natural look with just Kohl lined eyes, or maybe smokey eyes as well! For nedium/dusky skins, this one is a must try color.

I had a bad experience with Colorbar lipsticks, with the Velvet Matte range, and was wary of lipsticks from Colorbar for a long time after those, but this one just takes it all away. I love it, and I'm sure you will too.

It is available across various Colorbar counters and also online HERE

Have you also tried the Colorbar Creme Touch lipsticks? What are your favorite shades?                              
Do let me know in the comments below.
Have a good day everyone!! XX


  1. check dis shade for sure

    1. ya Pree, this one pprobably is the easiest to pull of shade in this range and it looks lovely on my NC42 skin (same as yours) :)

    2. lols...really....I mean its so good to have a friend with the same skin tone as yours....I know if it looks good on you, then I should try it too and vice versa...ek teer se do nishaney type :D

  2. woww... thats such a lovely burnt-orange shade... goes in my list ..LOL
    I loved your lip piccy :)
    btw- I finally caved in and got the Viva glam Nicki lipstick....

    1. You did!! OMG!! Plz post piccys and swatches Bee....

  3. Thnks so much for the link to purchase this from..

    1. It is indeed..I find myself reaching out for this shade very often these days....
      A nice break from Fuchsias and Oranges :))

  4. Replies
    1. hey Thanks Anna..Glad you liked it!
      Thanks fro following!! :)

  5. Soooo preettyy that I just ordered it!!!

    1. you did? wow!! Am sure you'll love it as much as I do :))

    2. Ya got it yesterday!!!its just stunning!!!I love shades like these!!!!!!!!

    3. It is indeed....perfect companion for smokey eyes ;)

  6. these are very nice indeed.... i got one yesterday.. it looks very soft and makes lips look fuller which is not the effect if we combine matt listicks with glosses...


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