September 1, 2012

DIY- Make your own Makeup Palette

Guest Post By Esha D Sadhu (Singer? Songwriter? Typewriter ? Software Engineer !! nah!! My sweet little sister :) )

Hi all,
Today I am going to share how to make your own empty palette at home with simple stuff that you can get from the stationery store. The reason I’m posting this is that I have faced so many issues with finding the right palette for myself; either they’re out of stock or extremely overpriced. So I decided to make my own eyeshadow palette at home that can store upto 15-20 eyeshadows in one palette and voila, the result was prettier than I expected!
Here is a look at my first attempt. 

It was my first time and looking at the neat results, I was keen to share my experience with all of you who share my dilemma! :P

So here goes my tutorial on how to make your own empty make-up palettes.

You will need the following simple stationery items :-

(Instead of the old wedding invitation card, you can use any handmade paper; Khadi has some absolutely gorgeous ones!!)

STEP 1. Clean your workbench.                                                                                                             
Well my workbench looks a bit cluttered in the picture but rest assured, I am a cleanliness freak! :D Since you will be handling your makeup products that come in contact with your skin, I’d rather you maintain the basic cleanliness and hygiene. Clean the table that you’re going to work on with a mild surface cleaner, sanitize your hands, take a deep breath and you’re good to go!! J

STEP 2.Remove the disk insert from the back section of the case. 
Gently pull apart the disk insert from the lower panel of the CD cover. You now have the empty box which can be used as a make-up palette. 

STEP 3. Cut the handmade paper as per dimensions of the CD cover.
For purely aesthetic reasons, I have used two layers of paper – one that gives a rich, bold color and another that kind of mellows down the entire look. You can be experimental according to your choice of colors and textures. 

You must be very patient and deliberate in this job, since even 1 mm difference in measurements can ruin the entire effect. Be a miser when it comes to cutting along the line. JAccuracy is the key to perfection here. I have used the two sides of the wedding card as the portion in the middle had the invitation details written all over it. I have cut the pieces in a way that they fit perfectly next to each other, leaving no gaps or spaces whatsoever. This way when you finish off with the translucent paper, the join won’t show and it will look like a single piece. To make it more aesthetically appealing, you can place one single sheet of plain white paper below so that the join won’t show from the bottom either. You won’t face any of these problems when you have a blank piece of handmade paper to work with. J

The thin strip of paper is cut along the width of the CD cover and folded just enough wide so as to cover the gap between the upper and lower plates of the CD cover, as shown in the following pictures.

STEP 4.Stick the paper on the CD cover with glue.
You can use any of the glue sticks used to stick paper. I used Fevi Stick and occasionally, Fevicol Decoration Glue, since it is a transparent glue meant for such “craft” projects. 

These are my babies ready for their new warm and cozy crib! :D

STEP 5. Place your refill pans to see how you want their placement and position                               
Do keep in mind the tiny semi-circular kind of things which are actually clips to lock your CD cover case. These might knock with your eyeshadow pans. Keep some distance from these clips before you stick the eyeshadows to the base of the CD case. 

Once you are sure about the placement, put some Decoration Glue to the base of your refill pan and carefully place them in their positions. Allow them to dry in a clean, shaded area. It will take about an hour or so. And you are ready with your palette! I told you it’ll be simple. J


(P.S. I loved the idea Esha and I hope my readers do try this out, its easy to do and the end result is fabulous....If only you were in the same city as mine, I would have asked you to make one for me as well....But for now, I have already started looking for a pretty paper to set the base for the palette !!!!)

Until next time,
Cya girls!!


  1. This could not have come at a better point... love d the idea AB :)

    1. Thanks Bee, it's my sister's idea actually, which I'm shamelessly copying :D
      the article is by her as well :))

  2. This looks pretty as well. ;) Am a lazy bum bt still i want to try this. Have to get more refills for that though! For now have the exact no. of refills to fill my palettes. :P

    1. Bad news for the pocket Jyo but we never complain about having too much makeup ;)

  3. super!!! was thinking to this same think! but still on a hunt for magnetic sheets!

    1. Me too Shourima, but can't seem to find them anywhere .....Have asked at and looked around in a lot of stores
      I think till I find those, this would be my project to do!! :))

  4. are VERY patient! Loved the DIY idea :)


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