December 24, 2012

Ashamed to be a mother in India !!

I did not really plan this post, but I just had to pour my heart out about whatever is happening in India, in particular  in New Delhi. For those unaware, a 23 yr old medical student was gang raped by 6 men in a moving bus and was penetrated with an iron rod which pulled her intestines out.

Every single day , ever since this happened, I have not been able to rest, sleep or eat properly. I break down every single time I hear any update on the case, or the mention of that poor creature, whose life, WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!!!!

Its really easy to say that Life moves on, but I don't think it ever will for that girl whose body and soul were trampled by 6 inhuman monsters , and who will never again be able to eat even if she survives. She would probably be bed ridden and always dependent on someone else to take care of her, that same girl who actually wished to be the support for her parents and siblings...

The protests by students demanding for justice has my complete support and even though I'm sitting at home and watching it on my television, I am always praying for the well being of those kids who have been brave enough to stay determined even when they were charged with water canons, tear gas shells and lathi-charge...I am shocked and surprised at the behavior of the police,administration and the governance of this country....Is this real???? Peaceful protesters becoming targets for atrocities ????? Where is our nation headed????
I also realized that I had done a grave mistake of giving birth to a child in THIS country, a place where rapists and other criminals roam free, and the common (harmless) man suffers everyday. I am so sorry my son, and I promise to myself that I will teach you how to respect women, and everyone else, and how to be a good citizen and a good human being...Although I'm not very sure, how this country would treat good people.

I am so emotionally drained after all this, I'm even scared to wear a lipstick outside. I'm thinking on the lines "how can  make myself look most ordinary, maybe ugly", how can I become absolutely un-noticeable, whether I should start covering my head while going out?? I know such things don't deter criminal minds, time and place, don't matter to them...yet......

I can imagine how other women in the city would be feeling. The capital has never been a safe place for women, and I remember carrying safety pins in my both hands while travelling in a bus so that no man could stand close to me. Even today, I have to be careful about when and how I'm going out, avoiding public transport as much as possible ,and I know its not easy for women who travel miles everyday for work, including my own mother. Rapes happen from 3 yrs old girls to 50 yr old.....

These people(rapists) are psychos, they can't be treated, they can and should be hanged in public, or maybe they should die by stone pelting by public. People need to be afraid of the law, it should be scary and swift. And dear HUMAN RIGHTS people, when people commit such inhuman crimes, it is wrong to term them humans, and therefore they do not have any rights, so please stop poking nose and let these bastards have a very very painful death, an example that will scare men for  ever against committing a crime as ugly as rape....

I really hope that the girls recovers fast, and may she have justice..Dear God, please ........................


  1. A heart-melting post indeed..its a pain of every woman..I cud relate to everything u said!
    But I wud still say wear ur lipstick n dont cover ur head..girls as young as a month old are being sexually abused,HOW did they attract attention of these scoundrels?
    Its not about us..its about them!

    1. Aditi, I cringe every time I think what the poor girl would have gone through during that eventful night. I'm scared and shaken inside, afraid to move about without a companion. It is so unfortunate that I live in a country like this. Where is the India our freedom fighters dreamed of?? I'm sad, very very sad..Only praying for the well being of the girl!

  2. I can relate to it, all the more being a mother I absolutely can fathom your thoughts.. Such heinous crimes need no trials and proofs, the accused should immediately be acted upon........ We say e stay in a free land, but is this being free... I am really depressed :(

    1. What kind of democracy allows peaceful protesters getting beaten up by the police? Why is the ruling party not allowing an all party meet to decide upon a strict action and tough laws for rapists...Rape is a crime worse than murder and still its a bailable offence....And there are ministers who themselves have rape charges hanging upon their necks maybe that's why they don't want tough laws for rapes because they will be the first ones to get scr*w*d....Its a heart breaking situation where the identity of rapists is protected , and people asking for justice get beaten up...


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