December 14, 2012

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick- Up the Amp

Hey Dolls,
Its really crazy when you have that particular lipstick shade on your mind and every time you go to a store, its always Out of Stock and then one day, when you're least expecting it, its just there and you're back to being your happy self again...

Well, this happened to me (yes, yet again!!!!) when I had been lusting after Up The Amp for many months and I suddenly get to bring it home. Purple lipsticks aren't really for everyone and once you start loving them, one is just not enough. After getting Heroine ( from the Reel Sexy Collection, Review HERE), I was dying to get Up The Amp as well and here's my review for it!!

MAC describes Up The Amp as a Lavender Violet and its just that, a beautiful pale Lavender toned purple that's easily my idea for a perfect lavender shade. The lipstick is Amplified Creme finish which glides easily on the lips, gives rich opaque colors, and is very creamy on the lips. If only it didn't tranfer!! :(

That's perhaps the only drawback of this lipstick, and on one particular evening that I wore it, I just had to reapply, every time I ate or drank something. And it leaves no stain behind so a touch up becomes a must. I'm still looking for a perfect lipliner for this, I think the new ColorBar Lip liners has a very good match, but I'm yet to try...If you know of any, please suggest in the comments box below..

Here's a side by side picture with MAC Heroine ..

It looks best with heavy eye makeup, either full on smokey eyes, or atleast very heavily Kohl lined and lots of mascara because its on the paler end of the spectrum, it needs to be balanced with a heavy blush as well.

And here's me wearing Up The Amp, taken indoors, so please excuse the crappy picture!!

Overall, I really love this lipstick for the shade and texture and would always like to keep one in my makeup stash...Total Love!!!

Hope you liked reading!!
Have a blessed day everyone!!!


  1. How did i miss this. I was thinking abt up the amp kabse, since heroine made me look like a street walker.. Lol
    Cool shade na.

    1. ya, it's nice, but I don't have a single nice pictures of me wearing this..This pic was taken on a very drunken evening, hence the silly expression..Also, since I have Olive skin, I have to put in a bit of extra effort to make this work for me...On you, I can totally imagine it looking fabulous, only with a kohl too :)


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