February 22, 2013

Bourjois Paris Contour Clubbing Waterproof eyeliner #46 Bleu Neon- EOTD/FOTD (Updated)

Hey all,

A very fascinating color for Brown eyed girls like me is a Navy Blue, whether its an eyeshadow , or a liqid liner or an eyeliner pencil. We just love it in any form, the color Blue I mean!!

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner #46- Bleu Neon (INR 370 for 1.2 g) is a gorgeous Shimmery Navy Blue (I still can't decide whether its Neon or not!!) Eyeliner which comes in a sharpen-able pencil form. It is definitely my preferred kind of eyeliner because of strictly hygeine issue. 

The Eyeliner is intense and incredibly smooth to apply and has navy blue micro-shimmers which lend a beautiful sheen to the product. As I said earlier, I have a fascination for blues and have been looking out for exactly this kind of shade for a long time. The others that I tried, were either too Navy, leaning towards black, or too way light....

 It doesn't last for too long on the waterline (about an Hour maybe!!) but on the upper lash line I typically get about 8 hrs of wear and maybe more. It can only be smudged within a few seconds of application post which it sets to gives lasting color on lids all day.

It did not sting my eyes or anything , and its opthamologically tested so that's an added benefit. There's nothing about this eye pencil that I did not like, from the shiny blue color to the lasting ability, its a total winner for me.

Overall, an excellent eye pencil and now there are four more gorgeous shades to choose from which includes a silver that I'm eyeing.....

I recommend!!


  1. It's beyond imagination thinking blue colour as an eyeliner.....but this your blog changed my view...
    Looking awesome

    1. So happy to hear this ...Thank you so much Asmita....I'm so glad I could change your perception...Blue looks great on brown eyed girls.....You must try :)

  2. amazing pics Agni.... n thts a festive blue.. me likey :)

    1. Thanks Nidsy...Am sure you will love this shade too....try sometime :)


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