February 25, 2013

The Body Shop Eye Color #42- Midnight Blue


The Body Shop India recently had their in-store sales going on, and I picked up something that I had wanted for long but wasn't sure if I wanted it at the marked price. It was The Body Shop Eye Color #42 in Midnight Blue. I finally did pick it up during the sale and here's my review on it!!

Product Description:
A range of beautifully smooth, long-lasting, crease-resistant eye shadows that offer intense color coverage, while helping to moisturize the skin. Available in a variety of pearl and matte shades and finishes.
  • Crease-resistant 
  • Lasting 
  • Dermatologically tested 
  • Ophthalmologically tested

There are about 9 shades listed on TBS (US) website, however , I've hardly seen all of those shades in any store , here in India.

There's a complete ingredient list in the peel off sticker, wow!!

The Body Shop Eye Color #42 Midnight Blue (INR 515 /1.4 g) is a gorgeous satin finish steel-y blue with violet and grey tones, a great shade for brown eyed girls ;) It's amazingly pigmented and buttery soft in texture. Th eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and its like a pressed powder so the pigments sort of crumble and come out loose and fly everywhere when a brush is swiped on the surface. Also, using a brush for application results in a lot of fallout. I , therefore, prefer using my fingers with this one and so the fall out issue is partially tackled. I also prefer to do my eye makeup prior to face when using this eyeshadow for the same reason. It blends easily and stays on my moderately oily lids for about 4 hrs without a primer post which there are signs of creasing. Of course, using a primer takes care of that part and I get full day wear with this one. It stays intense all day long and I really love the fact that its a great alternative to pure black smokey eyes on days when you want to play it down yet look noticeable.

I wouldn't really recommend this one unless you're a big fan of TBS makeup. The texture is really great and the shade is pretty unique but the fallout is kind of disappointing after having used better eyeshadows at a lesser price!!

I'm also wearing this eyeshadow in outer corner in the EOTD HERE

Hope you find the review useful!
Have a great evening everyone!!


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    1. ya Rakshanda..Its the uniqueness of the color that lured me in to buying this :)

  2. So beautiful :) I love blue...


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