March 18, 2013

Deborah Milano Pret a Porter Crackling Nail enamel Top Coat - 05

Hey Girls,

I loved the guessing game many of you played with me on my FB post when I showed you a glimpse of this new Crackling Nail Enamel that I got. I myself was super excited to see these being displayed at a Deborah Milano Counter when I was there last week. Its the new Pret A Porter Crackling Nail Enamel Top Coat from my newest fascination Deborah Milano. I'm really happy to see such amazing products from this brand and get super excited to share with you all.

The Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Crackling Nail Enamel Top Coat 05 (INR 175 for 4.5 ml) is a gorgeous sparkling Plum shade infused with tonnes of Golden and Plum shimmer . I was not really sure how a Crackle Nail Color with shimmer would perform, however the gorgeousness of the color was love at first sight for me. The bottle is pretty nice to look at with the crackle design on the cap and the shade mentioned on the top. The brush of this nail Enamel is substantially wide to cover the nails in two straight strokes. 

My personal advice while using crackling nail colors is, if you want big,widely spaced cracks, then apply thick coats, or if you want fine and larger number of cracks,then apply a thin coat. I prefer the former one though. Also, its not advisable to go for a second coat with a crackle nail color because it may pull apart and destroy the base color and also the first crackle coat.The Nail Polish takes a while to dry, and its  a must to add a top coat to make the surface look even, adding a top coat will also enhance the life of your manicure. This goes on for 3-5 days without chipping depending upon the amount of work you do, and the finish is totally festive. I regret not buying all the shades, I just got 2 out of the 7-8 available, and the black was already out of stock. darn!! I didn't even know when these were launched, never saw them before though I am frequent visitor to the place. There are also some new products on the Deborah Milano Counter (new nail colors, glosses etc etc)so be sure to visit it whenever you can...

Overall, I'm really happy with my purchase and already planning a next visit . Yes, it's expensive, but the quality and shade selection totally make up for it ;)

Take care,

P.S. I used Maybelline Colorama Cremoso Equilibrista as the base coat,its the most pretty summery pastel lilac I've ever seen..ah!! I can never have enough nail polishes!!


  1. Sexy infact :) nice reading it !

  2. tht is such a pretty color.. I too saw these on pepperfry last saturday .. but only the noraml NP of pre-porter , not the crackle.. this looks sooo goood ;)

    1. The regular pret-a-porters are absolutely stunning Nids, there's one metallic orange, I am going to get it soon :)

    2. ohh u like it the much.. gr8.. i pick few myself thn :D

  3. hw cute!! loved it.. and ur choice of colors too .. the colorama shade by itself is also looking so pretty on ur fingers :)


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