March 22, 2013

Haul Post

Hey everyone,
I hauled at new U some time back and here are some pictures:

I got:
  1. A pair of Silver Earrings , I was bored of my regular gold ones and wanted to wear silver for some time ... 
  2. white Nail Polish from Flormar, an absolute necessity...
  3. 4 Crackling ones(Taupe, Silver, Grey and Sparkly Magenta), and one regular Metallic Orange Pret A Porter Nail Polishes from Deborah Milano, must say I am really liking these ..
  4. A newly launched Deborah Milano Euphoric Shine Lip Gloss
  5. Deborah Milano Rossetto Shine Creator Lipstick with SPF 15, these are also new and the SPF thing got me interested ..
  6. Deborah Milano has launched some new Cream eyeshadows, with Primer and I had to try, so I got two, a Pale frosty beige and a Shimmery Blue.....
The Pink Cased Lipstick and the Vanity Case I got Free , yipee!!

the photos were taken on a wrong time of  the day so please excuse, full reviews and more pictures coming up super soon on the blog!!

Good day all!!


  1. Great haul agni. .I love that crackling nail paints ..colour's r awesome...n Deborah's creme eye shadows..would love to try :):)

  2. lovely haul.. some gr8 picks.. n tat case is sooo pretty :)

  3. dont show off, hmmmm :D ... give those NPs to me.. i am in a NP loving phase these days lol

  4. Wow lovely haul...Loving the eyeshadowa...Please review them :)


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