March 8, 2013

Inglot Freedom System 5 Eyeshadow Palette

Hey everyone,
Most of you , know by now what a big fan I am of Inglot Eyeshadows, and frankly speaking, I do happen to have a moderately good Collection of these Freedom system eyeshadows. So today, I'm going to share with you my first Inglot eyeshadow Palette. This one has 5 round eyeshadow refills set in a PRO 5 Palette. Pardon me,because I'm going to put a swatches only post. I do intend to do some EOTDs and post them, but that will happen only after I have posted swatches of all Inglot eyeshadow palettes that I've built .There a total of Four, with this one having 5 eyeshadows and the rest three palettes have 10 eyeshadows each, Phew!! I know that quite a bit...
Coming on to this Palette. The five shades that it holds are:

  1. DS 459 : A Dark Taupe Brown with fine Golden Shimmer
  2. AMC 54 : A Brown with Golden Shimmer
  3. DS 464 : An Orange with brown tones and loads of fine Golden Shimmer
  4. AMC 74: A Magenta Pink with Silver Shimmer
  5. DS 494: A deep Purple with Golden and Pink shimmer
All the shades are very well pigmented except for AMC 74 , with which I have to really work hard to build up the color to its true intensity. There is minor fallout with DS 459 and 494, but they're extremely easy to work with. The texture is super soft, almost creamy and even without a primer ,they show up really well on my lids. Using a primer with these, increases the staying power to full day wear without creasing and minor fading after 10 hrs which is awesome. 
I still can't figure out why the shimmers are not showing up well in swatches...Bad camera setting I think!!

The eyeshadow refills retail for INR 350 (yup, Inglot has increased their prices, though it's still INR 300 on ) and the empty palette used to be INR 350, not sure of the price now.

Overall, Inglot eyeshadows are my absolute favorite and I've literally hoarded on them in the year that went by. They are a delight to work with , no matter what tools you use. There are so many shades to choose from and for eye makeup crazy girls like me, Inglot Freedom system shadows are a must have. Also, because they allow you to build and customize your own palettes according your specific requirements like as you can see, this palette of mine has all shimmer shades, so I have a theme going on in here..

Love these eyeshadows and recommend them whole heartedly!!!!

Happy Women's Day!!!


  1. wow agni..the shades r so pretty..i myself hav been hoarding alotta inglot..u toh inglot queen..<3

    1. Hey Pree, ya, the shades are really nice, these were one of my first Inglot Eyeshadows so this palette is really special to me.... :))

  2. lovely shades , esp the pink and blue..lovely!

    1. Tanmayee, the purple one is my fav of these 5...Its so darn do try sometime...majorbrands still have these for 300 whereas in stores they are now 350 :(

  3. i love inglot too but never experienced their eye shades.. I really like the color brown from the palette..


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