April 26, 2013

Deborah Milano ROSSETTO Shine Creator SPF15 Lipstick #12

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Do you remember the Haul pics from Deborah Milano that I had posted a while back?? Today , I'm going to review the ROSSETTO Shine Creator Lipstick #12 that I had hauled back then. There are around 16 shades in this range and they're mostly with shimmer.

Product Description: 

With its multi-performance formula, the new Shine Creator Lipstick brings together three proven properties: the shine of a lip gloss, the comfort of a lipstick and the hydration and protection of a lip balm.

Pomegranate oil is a bountiful source of anti-oxidants and Omega-5 fatty acids that counteract the harmful effects of free radicals, nourishing and protecting lips from the environmental aggressors, while Vitamins A and E have moisturising and soothing properties.

Hypoallergenic**, SPF15.
** Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy.

How to use:

Thanks to its stylo format, its texture is creamy and soft on application, and with a consistency that melts blissfully into lips. The result is a shimmering wet-look shine and a pleasantly moisturised pout.

The Deborah Milano ROSSETTO SHINE CREATOR Lipstick #12 (INR 625) is a gorgeous cherry red lipstick with a balm like texture and ultra-fine shimmer to give it a glossy appearance..It instantly brightens up my complexion.  (I do wish there was a name to the lipstick too, I hate remembering numbers!!)..It comes in a translucent Pink-Red plastic packaging which closes with a click and therefore is very handy and travel friendly .Just that,  I find it a bit too bulky....On top of the lipstick bullet is a classic Deborah Milano Flower symbol embossed which goes away after one or two usages. I wish it was there somewhere on the sides so that I could enjoy the sight for a few more days....It looked lovely sitting there.

It applied smoothly and although the coverage is on the sheerer side, a couple of swipes give me and even, almost opaque color on the lips.The finish is like a Cream+Gloss mix, not overly shiny, yet not completely matte. Some of you may not like the slight stickiness in the formula, however, I haven't had any issues with that. For pigmented lips, using a lip liner underneath will give a better appearance to the lipstick. The lipstick feels very lightweight and comfortable to wear.I have noticed that this is one of those lipsticks which are really moisturizing. On days when I have dry lips, I have tried wearing this lip color, and after a few hours , my lips felt really soft and supple. But because of the balm-y properties, there is major settling into the lines happening after about half an hour of wearing. You have to be cautious about handling that. It wore for about 3+ hrs on me and left behind a light red stain behind. It also claims to have SPF 15 so that's an added advantage for lipstick lovers like me :)

The lipstick has a nice sweet scent to it which I like and which is not very strong sso it doesn't irritate the senses as well..

Apart from the bulky packaging, and the settling into lip lines factor, I think, the lipstick stands true to most of the claims that it makes and therefore get a "Thumbs Up" from me. I may just buy another one from this range (Ah!! there's a Fuchsia-Plum like Revlon's CLB in Lollipop, I think I will take that, but lets see!!)

Overall, if you like sheer balmy lipsticks and don't mind touch-ups , you may like these too. In case you're a fan of strongly pigmented lip colors, you may choose to skip it..

P.S: It is the same FOTD that I did with the Deborah Milano 2 in 1 eyeshadow with Primer HERE

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  1. I like sheer glossy reds..love it on u :)

    1. Thanks Bhumika, sheer reds are easiest to wear, no?

  2. Replies
    1. Never counted Pree :(
      I have a superstition that my lipsticks will decrease/get damaged/ or get lost somewhere if I count ;)

  3. i m totally loving the packaging & the bullet :)

    shall try out this range next time at the counter.. hope i like something :)

    1. Go ahead Revathy...you'll surely like atleast one or two :)

  4. Hi! Been reading your blog for sometime now- your makeup is always so polished and perfect, especially the eyes. Wish you would do a video tutorial sometime! :)
    I love reds and sheers, so naturally picked this up when the range was launched a few days back here in Kolkata. The fuchsia one too I couldn't resist- #8- super-gorgeous shades both, & yes very moisturising. But somehow I find the texture slightly sticky, gloss-like tacky.Did you notice it too?

    1. Hi dear..Thanks for the compliment...Maybe someday I'll do a video tutorial as well...not sure now :)

      Yes, it's ever so slightly sticky, but I haven't really had any issues with that. Thanks for reminding, I will update the post with this point :)

  5. Wow a lipstick with SPF 15... forever been hunting for one ! Love your eye-do. Nice review Agnibanya !

    1. Hey Rashmi, Thank you for the nice words :)
      yup, even I like the lip products with SPF....


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