May 2, 2013

Inglot Freedom System 10 Square Eyeshadow Palette- Brights

Hello Girls,

Hope the week's going great so far!!

Today, I'll be reviewing my Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow Palette with 10 square bright eyeshadows, which are great for that pop of color on your lids in summers.

  1. Matte 320: A matte Purple. This one has a nice powdery texture and good pigmentation. With a base underneath, it pops up even more and stays for a good 8 hrs +
  2. Matte 321: A matte Navy Blue eyeshadow. Powdery texture and well pigmented, some fallout issues, but nothing very noticeable.

  3. Matte 338: A Matte vivid Turquoise Blue. Extremely pigmented yet easy to blend. 
  4. Matte 331: A Matte Leaf Green color. Highly pigmented and easy to blend
  5. Double Sparkle 474: A Canary Yellow with Golden Sparkles. The texture is like creamy powder. Super soft, highly pigmented, my favorite festive highlighter shade. You can pack on the color for bright lids or just blend for a soft yellow shimmery color , use it as highlighter for the browbone/inner corner. And ye, I sometimes use it as a highlighter for my cheeks as well.

  6. Double Sparkle 495: A Red-Pink with Golden micro shimmer. This one has the hardest texture in this palette , yet its a great color for the crease when going for a fresh pink kind of look. You can pack it on for full intensity, or just blend out for a soft red-pink kind of color . This one also has some fallout.
  7. Matte 393: A true Orange matte, again I use this color for crease or even on my lids with the Maybelline 24 hr Color Tattoo Fierce and Tangy as a base. I love this, no fallout at all.
  8. 407: A golden Pink DuoChrome, an exact dupe of MAC eyeshadow Expensive Pink. I got this one after I dropped and broke my expensive pink, yea, that's sad, but its okay, because I have a cheaper and better dupe :), great pigmentation, superb staying power.. Absolutely zero fallout and it doesn't even need a base to show up true pan color on the lids.

  9. AMC 09: Again a golden Pink duochrome, but this has more Gold than pink . Texture and staying power is same as 407
  10. P430: A bright metallic true gold shade with pearl finish. I reach out for this every time I do a festive or party makeup with traditional Indian Ethnic Wear.

And a summarized swatch :

Inglot Freedom System 10 Square Empty palette : INR 1400
Inglot Freedom System EyeShadow Refill Pans : INR 350 (Still available for INR 300 at

Overall, I really like Inglot eyeshadows for their amazing quality and comparatively affordable prices. Most of the shadows have smooth textures and are easy to work with. Only a few of these have fallout issues. 

Will surely recommend these anytime !!
Hope you had a good time seeing the splash of colors in this post!!
Till next time..

P.S.: My handwriting is really not that bad, I promise, I only tried writing on the palette with a correction Fluid pen which refused to pen down the numbers smoothly :(


  1. Wow.. kya mast splash of vibrancy!!!! I love the idea of customized palettes!!!

    1. Me too Bee, and that's why Inglot is my preferred brand for eyeshadows.....This concept of Freedom System is absolutely amazing, I only wish the empty palettes wouldn't be so highly priced :(

  2. awesome Agnidi .. 407 is mac expensive pink dupe na ?? :P

    1. Yes, Sukanya, exact dupe, I have both so I can say for sure :)

  3. Nice colours ;)

  4. OMG this palette so shouts my name... I love vibrant colors too, thts y :P :D
    u love mattes yaar.. so many.. I dont have a single matte till now frm inglot :(


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