May 5, 2013

MAC Archie'S Girls' Collection - Oh,Oh,Oh , review and FOTD

Hey all,

Hope the weekend has started on a good note for you all....Well, mine has actually started on a rocky note. My kid and his friends did something to the computer and it refused to start, and I ended up spending my precious Friday evening with the evening with the machine ..

Anyway, this post was due much earlier, but I took my own sweet time to use and abuse the lipstick before I could write a proper review on it . Read on to know my take on this lipstick.....

MAC Oh,Oh,Oh (INR 1100 for 3g )is a Lustre finish lipstick from the Archie's Girls' Collection . MAC describes Oh,Oh,Oh as Sheer Brown Plum. On my lips, it's definitely sheer, but I don't see any traces of Brown, only red toned plum with golden shimmer. I'm not particularly happy with the texture , it spreads like slick oil on the lips, and layering about 3-4 times gives the medium coverage which you see in the pictures, BUT I really like the color. For me, its very versatile color that I can see myself wearing very often. This is a rarest of rare kind of scenario for me, but ever since I got this lipstick, I've been wearing it EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Have tried so many combinations with it already, and loving it so far,and here are some reasons...

Why I love it:

  1. It's a lustre with a frosty sheen, acts like a gloss to prep up my base lip color without acting like one and smudging the base color, and stays on th elipstick for more than the amount of time that a regular gloss will stay.
  2. Can be worn on its own for a quick lip fix when in hurry
  3. I've heard that Lustres are drying, but I haven't faced any issues so far, guess,I'm a bit lucky here!!
  4. I like how lightweight the lipstick feels....
  5. I love how universally flattering the shade is.
  6. Its a cute lipstick, and I like that packaging!!

And a few reasons why I'll deduct some points:

  1. Its expensive, well ya, give me my 100 bucks back and the same lipstick in standard packaging, I'll be okay with it!
  2. I wish it was  bit more opaque...For very pigmented lips, filling out with a nude lip liner should help. 
  3. The shade of the lipstick on your lips will depend on your natural lip color.
  4. On its own, this stays for only 2+hours but layered above a nude/neutral lip liner, I have got a wear time of over 4 hrs.
  5. If you find Lustres a bit drying on you, you may not want to give this a chance.
And here's the swatch :

And my FOTD with the lipstick:

Is it worth the hype ? 
I think I'll say no. You may be able to find similar shades in the permanent line. Unless, you're too keen on the packaging, you can surely skip it.

Would I recommend?
I want to say a BIG yes here. This is my first Lustre and I'm wondering why I ignored Lustres for so long now. Also, it's currently my most used lipstick. I wore this every single day last week. If you like sheer lip colors and the glossy finish, go for this one, i.e. if it is still available in stock.

Hope you had a good read through my review.
Have a fabulous Sunday everyone!!

P.S.: I initially wanted to buy Ronnie Red and Daddy's Little Girl, however, once I swatched them at the store, I did not find them to be unique for my collection. Swatched this, and fell in love.....and the Love Story continues...........................


  1. you are looking beautifulllll in this sweetie :D

  2. The swatch looks toooo good :D very unique indeed... on a side note what is that purple shade you have used in the inner corner of your eyes :D

    1. True that Sukanya, its one of a kind shade in my vanity..
      The purple is Inglot M320, reviewed in my previous post :)

    2. ha, kal ke polam oi post ta.. then felt so dmb bout ths commnt :/

  3. That's a great review and you look beautiful... The shade really suits you, as if it was made for you :) too bad its sheer and so out won't work on my pigmented lips :(
    Btw love your eye Makeup as well :)

    1. Hey,Samyukta, you can make this work by creating a base with a nude/neutral lip liner first, I do that and it definitely increases the staying power as well as makes the lipstick look even and hides pigmentation.
      btw, thanks for liking the eye makeup.. :)

  4. you look so pretty... But I guess it's too sheer for me :(

    1. Thanks Ritu, it's sheer for me too, but then it's nice refreshing and light change for someone like me who loves brighter , more pigmented colors :)

  5. AB this is sooo ur color. But then i guess everything suits you :)
    I can totallysee you wearing this everyday. This shade will go on most dresses naa.
    Loved ur eye makeup too :)

    1. awww...Thanks so much Bee for that amazing compliment, but you know what, that ain't completely true..I have my bad moments too...
      I tell you , this goes with everything, I just need to play up or play down the eyes....btw, I wore it again today !! haha...

  6. lovely shade n u look so gorgeous in the pictures :)

    1. Thank you Poorva !! its so glossy and sheer....and since you're beginning with lipsticks, I think you may like this one ..

  7. the shade is defiitely flattering... frm the entire collection , I too found just this color a little appealing ;)
    looks quite sheer but lovely on u... n wht an eye makeup... tut plzzz <3

    1. Thankies Nids..This is perhaps the easiest to carry color in the collection...what I like to call as "No Brainer" shade....
      btw, I'm sure you know I'm so running short of time all the time(like any other mommie to a toddler), that I dread doing tutorials :/
      Will try to do so someday :)

  8. I am absolutely loving this on you......I got it in MAC store....but decided not to go forward ... :)

    1. Ah Thanks Tanmayee..I think you should've tried it once atleast...I'm absolutely in love with this these days.... :)


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