June 18, 2013

Two Simple Eye Makeup Looks for Beginners

Hi all,

A dear friend of mine, who's mostly been a no makeup person wanted me to show here some simple eye makeup looks that she try on herself, and her preference of color was shades of brown ,and hence, the inspiration for this blog post came in.
Look I: A simple daytime look with lighter shades .
Look II: An intensified version of Look I for evening parties etc.

Also , you can make your own combinations with various colors of eyeshadows or colored eyeliners. Play up the look with adding highlighters on brow bone area and inner corners etc. I have skipped highlighting because for a beginner, control on colors is really important and too much/less of highlighting can ruin the look. A safer bet is to use compact powder on brown bone for the time being because that will give a beater appearance to the look . Enjoy !!!

I'm also including a reference picture marking various eye areas so that it's easier for a beginner to understand my explanations. 

And here are the things you will need:

  1. Eyeshadow Primer
  2. Brown Colored Base
  3. A shimmery beige eyeshadow
  4. A soft brown eyeshadow
  5. A Black eyeshadow
  6. A shimmery brown eyeshadow
  7. A black kohl pencil
  8. A Fluffy Blending brush
  9. A slanted shader brush
  10. A pencil brush
  11. An eyelash curler
  12. A black mascara
  1. Apply eyeshadow primer all over the eye area till the brown bone, and on the lower lashline.

  2. Add a brown colored base on the eye lid area using your fingers.

  3. Define the waterline with the black pencil

  4. Define the crease with the soft brown eyeshadow using the Fluffy Blending brush

  5. Add the shimmery beige eyeshadow on the inner 2/3rd of the lid area with the slanted shader brush

  6. Add the darker shimmery brown on the outer 1/3rd of the lid with a blending brush.

  7. Line the upper lash line with the black Kohl pencil

  8. Curl lashes and apply mascara.

  1. Add the darker shade of brown from Step 6 of previous look on the entire lid.

  2. Take the black eyeshadow and add it on the outer V to add depth to the outer corner using the fluffy blending brush for better control

  3. Take the dark shimmery brown eyeshadow and using a pencil brush add it on the lower lashline.

  4. Using the same pencil brush, add the black eyeshadow on the outer 1/3rd of the lower lash line, merging it with the Outer V

  5. Darken the kohl on the waterline

So that's it girls, with four neutral eyeshadows, I created these two simple looks for those just starting with eye makeup.
Hope you find the post useful and please don't forget to leave your feedback.

Have a great day!!


  1. OMG both the looks are absolutely stunning! I am so loving them!

    1. Thanks Parita...I hope the tutorial is equally useful :)

  2. Pretty EOTD Agni.. I liked the 1st one for day time and the 2nd for evening... loved both of them.. !!
    I am gonna try the 1st one soon... :D :D

    1. This is what makes me truly happy ..Thanks :)

  3. So pretty Di... Thank you for sharing this

    1. Most welcome hun...Would love to see you try this :)

  4. Very nice Post for starters :)

  5. Very clear and well thought-out instructions.
    I'm looking forward to reading more from you!

    1. Thanks much Sylvia..Would be looking forward to see more of you here :)


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