July 10, 2013

Deborah Milano Retractable Lip Brush: Review

Hey everyone,

By now, you all must know that Deborah Milano is one of my favorite drugstore brands for the amazing products it makes along with suitable pricing and for consistency in adding newer products in their line. Every time, I visit a counter, I have to pick up something because it's just so tempting.

Anyway, on one of my last visits, I saw that they had introduced some makeup tools as well, and since I was already on the lookout of a good Lip Brush, I discarded the one I had picked up in my basket from some other brand and got this Deborah Milano Lip Brush.

The Deborah Milano Professional Accessories Lip Brush (INR 295) is a retractable Lip brush in a simple black colored stylus form. The bristles are soft yet firm and result in even application of color on the lips. The firmness of bristles also results in better control over the brush and picking up enough product.You may use it to blend lip pencils or glosses of even apply lipsticks. It is obviously very travel friendly and now, I do have  a perfect companion for my Inglot Lipstick Palettes. I have washed it twice and it has not yet shed :)

The bristles feel synthetic but I am not too sure since it's nowhere mentioned either on the product or the packaging.

Overall, it's a good lip brush , affordable and great on quality, and I am going to buy another one , so I have one for my handbag and one for my vanity :)

And I applied one of my Inglot Lipstick refills with this brush, see how evenly it applies the product :)

If you're looking for a decently priced lip brush, you must check this one out ..

Till next time,
Take care!!


  1. Looks good..

    Please visit my blog..


    Brittany, xx

  2. Thanks for this hun great post i will definitely check this out!

    L x

  3. Such a great packaging .. I have Lakme Lip brush but this looks awesome.. I am yet to start with Deborah productss.. you are gonna make me buy these in my next visit.. preparing my wishlistt!! :)

    1. You got to try DM Poonam...I love most of what I've tried from them :)

  4. Replies
    1. Great for my Inglot refills Tanmayee , now I can carry them along whenever I want and wherever I want :)

  5. thank you for this post...was looking for a decent lip brush, I think I found one.. I have foundation brush from Deborah & its lovely...


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