August 30, 2013

Swatch Post: Inglot Freedom System Palette Pro 5 : Lipstick Refills

Inglot Freedom System Palette PRO 5 (INR 350) is a great option when you want to fill up a palette with your choice of Lipstick or eyeshadow Refills. The Single Round Lipstick Refills cost INR 250 so effectively a Pro Palette filled with 5 Refills would cost approximately INR 1600 which is great considering the fact that you can always customize it. 

Today, I'm going to share with you swatches of 5 lipsticks that I've filled my Pro Palette with.
I have a Red, an Orange, a Coral, a Purple and a Neutral shade in that palette, answers most of my lipstick needs :)

Overall, the palette is great to travel with and you can fill it up with colors of your choice if only you can carry a lip bush with yourself. Only disadvantage is lipstick refills tend to catch dust and therefore need to be kept in a dust free environment when working with them.


  1. Wow all the colors are must have! You made my job so easy. Thanks! lovely swatches by the way.

  2. Agni.. u hve such an awesom collection .. I have similar INGLOT palette.. Same pinch
    The neutral, red, pink are so gorgeousss.. adding them to my list

    1. The Pink's actually a coral Pink, do give it a try, it's a very unique shade :)


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