August 30, 2013

Tag Post: Leibster Award Nomination

Hi all,

I wish to thank  Poonam from Beauty & Makeup Matters for nominating me for “Leibster Award”.  She's got an amazing blog out there and I'm sure you've already seen her impeccable winged liner and gorgeous colorplay on her lids and that pretty pout.. Just in case you haven't , do check out her blog, you'll love your time there :)

Her Questions and My answers ;)

  • Your current and all time Favorite Blog? 
    • It's got to be Temptalia. Her reviews are honest , unbiased and totally reliable. There isn't a day I don't check her blog. There have been times, I hav edesperately wanted to buy a product an decided against it only because Temptalia said "B."Her makeup style is very cool and you have to sometimes see the eye and lip makeup combinations to understand what I mean there. Also, I find here very level headed and polite even though her blog's considered to be the mother of all beauty Blogs.
      In short, I TRUST her :)
  • Your favorite YouTube Beauty Guru?
    • Marlena from MakeupgeekTV and Julie from MischievousTV. Marlena was my first makeup "GURU" , and her channel taught me many of my basics when I was just starting off with makeup. Her tips and tricks are very easy to understand and remember. I like Julie for here outtathisworld looks. I have seen the most amazing theme looks on her channel and I truly think she's a very gifted woman.
  • How many hours do you spend on your blog?
    • Err...Depends, on what day of the week it is and how much sorted things are with my housework etc. Typically , it's about 2-4 hours a day, but I'm very irregular if you've noticed. One day I might do four posts back to back, and on others, I might just laze away for days together. Currently, I'm doing a 30 Day Eye Makeup Challenge that requires me to post everyday, but then there are weekends and other randon stuff that I get caught up in and can't devote as much time as I would like to on my blog.
  • How is your day-to-day routine and how do you combine it with blogging?
    •  I wake up at 5 a.m., have tea, make breakfast and pack lunch , drop my kid by 8:30 a.m at his school bus station, have breakfast, watch some TV, run some daily errands (read grocery shopping, directing the maid, do laundry etc etc), take a shower and get ready by 11:30 a.m., blog a bit till 12:30p.m. , cook lunch , pick up kid and then after putting him to sleep by 3:30 p.m, I try to work on the blog again. And post 7 p.m. I'm again taking out the kid to play, cook dinner somewhere in between and retire by 11:30.  My blog is my passion, and that's what keeps me interested and occupied in my free time although I am trying to take it to a more professional level, I don't want to ignore my kid's requirements since he's my priority. Such is my life !!
  • Name one thing in your makeup stash that you can’t go out without?
    • I think lipsticks, or particularly M.A.C.'s Ruby Woo...There's no life without it ;)
  • Do you give more importance to the writing or the visual?
    • Both, one alone cannot make a great post, so it has to be a good mix of  good content and clear visuals.
  • How much do you spend monthly on makeup purchases?
    • ...Actually it kind of varies. When there are MAC's Limited Edition releases, I go mad, but otherwise, I've now got a good grip on myself. I don't buy unless I go totally crazy about something, and that's arare sight these days ;)
  • If given a chance where would you like to splurge Makeup/Clothes/Accessories?(Choose only one :P )
    • Obviously makeup ;)
  • When it comes to skincare, which one would you go for an expensive pack or a home remedy?
    • Home remedies hands down, they work like magic :) I don't expect too much from face packs :P
  • Which one you prefer, Online shopping or Counter shopping?
    • Counter shopping, it's an experience, you've got to touch ,feel ,see enjoy :)
  • Do you read reviews before making purchases or read them afterwards?
    • Mostly before if I'm PLANNING to buy something, unless it's an impulse purchase 
  • Which part do you like to click more – your eyes/lips/face/full?
    • Eyes.. :) They are easy to do and click and I can take pics in bad light too, that's why 
Hope you enjoyed reading through this post. 
Till next time!


  1. Thanks for such an amazing introduction dear.. :) :) and posting this..
    I enjoyed going through ur answers.. I have never been to youtube for makeup.. its time to checkout some.. ;) and you have such a hectic schedule but ur spirit.. hats off girlll :) :)

    1. Really?? You must check out Marlena's Channel then, makeupgeek ...It's awesome and so is Mischievous TV..
      And thanks for the award and the tag, I loved writing it :)


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