August 19, 2013

The 30 Day Eye Makeup Challenge- Look 15


Here's my fifteenth look in the series. As much as my eyelids are sore from applying and removing makeup, I'm enjoying this challenge as it's compelling me to stretch my limits and devote more time on the blog. Thank you everyone , yes, each one of you who've read my posts and motivated me through your kind words, it would never have been possible for me to reach this far without your support <3 <3

Today's look is a simple recreation of one of my very old looks that I'd done when I was just beginning with eye makeup. It has been created using the Lakme Peacock Quartet.

And the few products I used :)

Hope you like it!!
Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. very nicely blended :)

  2. bllue & green is my fav combo too!!!! WOW! 15 done - way to go!

    1. Thanks Bee..Trying my best to finish off the challenge on time ;)

  3. I like how well you have combined the shadess.. besautifully done EOTD.. :-* :-*


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