August 24, 2013

The 30 Day Eye Makeup Challenge - Look 21

Hi everyone,

My Goodness!! I can't believe I've reached so far...Only 9 more to go and I will need a month to repair my sore lids and undereye area. hahaha...Anyway, so here's another very wearable look that I created for you all (and I wanted to put my newly aquired MUA Heaven and Earth palette to good use too . so ...:P)

This one's just perfect for everyday wear, college, work, date...anywhere you want...

So let's take a look at what I've created..

And some makeup that I utilized to do this look :

There's very little going on there so I won't write down the steps...

Looking forward to some feedback..

Catch ya again soon...byee


  1. Another beautiful look Agni.. u have such a lovely eyes.. :-*

  2. This one is a Gorgeous EOTD too :* <3

    1. Thanks dear..It's such a simple everyday look :)

  3. Gorgeous...I have hooded eyes so, eyeshadows don't showup on my eyelids :(


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