August 26, 2013

The 30 Day Eye Makeup Challenge - Look 22

Hello everyone,

Welcome back after the weekend!!

This weekend was perhaps one weekend that I really enjoyed after a long time... We went for Disney Planes in 3D and it was fun, although the Kid seemed too restless with the 3D glasses and I had a hard time cleaning and sanitizing the glasses before we could wear them. I also shopped after the movie ended, no, not makeup shopping though!! These days I hardly am able to find things that intesest me. I checked out the Bourjois Lip Crayons and Maybelline Bold Mattes and it was nothing about them that made me go weak in the knees, though I did get swatches of the 5 Bold Mattes for you that I'd be posting soon.

Also, I'm happy about the fact that pizza Hut has increased their Pizza that's one food item after Shorshe-Ilish(a Bengali Fish delicacy cooked in Mustard gravy!! yummmm!!!) that I can never have enough I'm not going back to Domino's again ;)

In other news, I'm sorry about not being able to post yesterday...Weekends are always about baby and hubby, so...

Anyway, here's Look 22 that I created today. I asked for suggestions on my Facebook profile, and a friend requested something with Gold on Lids and Brown Eyeliner and this is what I came up with. It's just an ordinary look that you can wear just about anyday. I will try to do some renditions with it and post as and when I can. For now, enjoy the pictures :)

And some products I used :

A few steps:

  1. Primed my Lids with UDPP
  2. Applied a beige highlighter to the browbone area from Coastal scents Go Palette in Cairo
  3. Used a Dark Brown+ a bi of Black eyeshadow from the Coastal scents Go Palette Cariro to contour the crease a bit
  4. Applied MAC Expensive Pink eyeshadow on the Lids
  5. A shimmery Golden from the same Palette to highlight the inner corner of the ye
  6. Mixed some Brown and Black shadow on a pencil brush and applied along the lower lashline. also took a little bit of Expensive Pink on a pencil brush and applied below that.
  7. Applied Maybelline Ultra Liner in Brown along the upper lashline and winged it out a bit
  8. Added a Nude Chambor liner on the waterline
  9. Curled Lashes and applied Rimmel Scandal eyes Mascara

And done!!
Hope you like the look !!
Till next time..Take Care...


  1. Its very pretty and so earthy, I love neutrals and you have done such a fab job.

  2. Ur expensive Pink pot seems to be distructed..!! :P :P
    the colors looks subtle but yet so lovely!!

    1. Oh..tell me about it..I put it in an Inglot Palette and it didn't stick well and dropped and broke into pieces...I have preserved it somehow... :(


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