August 26, 2013

The 30 Day Eye Makeup Challenge - Look 23

Hey everyone!!

I asked for suggestions, you gave me ideas, and I implemented them in my look...

Here's my 23rd look in the series with colors that a friend wanted me to incorporate in my looks, Turquoise and Pink...

And some products I used for this look:

Did you like this colorful look??
What other colors would you like to see ?
Do let me know in your comments !

Have a great evening all!!


  1. wow.. this is so pretty... like some Ginnie eyes...

  2. I loved the combo here - Beautiful !! <3

  3. The pink is taking the look to the new level.. looks gorgeous!! :)

    1. Thanks Poonam..I so wanted to add some Turquoise glitter there but I didn't have any...need some sparkle in my life now :)


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