August 6, 2013

The 30 Day eye makeup Challenge - Look 4

A big hello to my readers...

Continuing The 30 day makeup challege, here's another look I've com eup with...

It's the classic winged liner clubbed with some pink and plum..

To achieve this look:

  1. I primed  my lids with Inglot Eyeshadow Base
  2. Applied Inglot Eyeshadow #14 (lavender with silver shimmer)on the lid are leaving the inner corner and upto crease.
  3. Added Inglot eyeshadow #48(baby pink with silver shimmer) on the inner corner to highlight
  4. Blended at the crease with Inglot eyeshadow #452 (a deep plum)
  5. again blended with Bourjois Healthy Balance powder upto the brow bone area
  6. Used Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Black to draw the winged liner.
  7. Added Chambor Lip Pencil LT 03 (a n*de lip pencil )on the waterline
  8. Added some plum eyeshadow (Inglot #452) along the lower lashline
  9. Completed with Rimmel Scandal eyes Mascara

Here the products I used:

The eyeshadows: 

From Top Left in Clockwise order: Inglot 48, 452 and 14 

The star:

The Liner and Mascara: 

How do you like this look?
Do leave your comments and feedback below :)
Have a lovely evening everyone!!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Ritu...And surprisingly it was very simple to do as well :)

  2. wow... so girly n pretty <3
    loved tht pink.. i'm gonna order it next time ;)

    1. Nidsy, you'll love this shadow, especially the light pink one, it reflects purple and pink in different lights :)

  3. very very pretty..btw nude lip liner on waterline? its safe kya?

    1. Thanks Parita, my funda is if it's safe to go inside your mouth, it should logically be safe to apply topically too..what say??


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