August 8, 2013

The 30 day eye makeup Challenge - Look 6

Hey everyone,

Here's my 6th look in the series. I'm really upset with the cloudy gloomy weather these days because I just can't seem to get enough light, no matter what time of the day it is. So please forgive me because, first, the look didn't quite turn out to be what exactly I had pictured in my mind and secondly, I had a tough time taking pictures because it is just so cloudy today .

Anyway, coming on to the look, here's what I did today:

And here's some products I used:
I won't bother you with details on how to achieve this look because i don't think anyone would like to recreate it, atleast I wouldn't .....ever..

Epic fail!!


  1. Ohh Agni..I know how it feels.. I face it so many times.. but I am still liking the look...Love the stacking of colors.. :-* :-*
    Dont be upset.. its beautifull.. :) Trust me!!

    1. Thanks a lot Poonam, but somehow I wasn't really satisfied..I think I should have used a deeper blue and instead of that Maybelline Audacious Asphalt base, I could have used a darker base..Anyway, I will try my best to do a better one next time :)

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    1. I donno Agni... I kinda like that unconventional crease shade. maybe it'll look nice on sarees :)

      btw, what's that lid wala color? I want to get a periwinkle shade kab se!

      btw- this was me, I accidentally commented from M's id and then deleted it

    2. ugh!!I was so unhappy about how this turned out....a little more intensity would have looked better, and matte eyeshadows look so bleh on me :(

      That blue is Inglot 388, supposed to be close to MAC's Atlantic Blue (almost a dupe!) , It's a nice shade though, on lighter skin tones like yours, this will look really nice :)

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