August 12, 2013

The 30 Day Eye Makeup Challenge- Look 8

Hello everyone,

Sorry about being MIA. It was a really long weekend and I had so much of other things to do that the challenge somehow became secondary. Although, I feel terrible about not posting for three days, but I promise I will try my best so that this doesn't happen again until this challenge is over ;)

Anyhow, today, I had decided to do a glam, neutral eye makeup look, and I did it too, but somehow the pictures weren't coming out neat, so I removed all of that and started all over again, and this time with brighter shades in mind. And this is the look I came up with. I hope you like it :)

And how I did this look, ah really simple I will say:

  1. Applied Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Plum as Base all over the lids
  2. Applied Inglot Matte eyeshadow #320 on lids
  3. Applied Inglot Matte # 338 on crease
  4. Applied Inglot Matte 321 on Outer corner and along lower lashline
  5. Line deyes with L"Oreal Contour Kohl
  6. And Rimmel Scandal eyes mascara to complete the look.

Sometimes, I think it's not really as tough to create a vibrant look as it is to create a subtle look, atleast for me. This particular one was done in like about 5 minutes and I was happy with the rend result too.

tell me how do you like this in the comments below!!
P.S. And since Minday is my favorite day of the week, a VERY HAPPY MONDAY to all of you..mwah!!


  1. loved it! the colors are all very complimentary.

  2. loved the color combinations..gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Parita, I just picked colors without planning too much..Guess that helped ;)

  3. Wow !! Stunning eye make-up .. You really play beautiful with color when it comes to eye make up :)

    1. Thanks Vipra but I think stunning is taking it away a bit too much ..hehe..

  4. gorgeous look dear :) i love the colour combination

  5. totally agree :) sometimes what u think is bright comes very different in pics...
    this one looks really interesting... :) i'm saving all the links of looks that I like :)

    1. Seriously Bee, I'm totally brain-f*ck*d these days..And I think my best looks come in when I just go with the flow without thinking too much ;)


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