September 13, 2013

Hair Color Questions: Ask them here

Hi everyone,

Hair colors have scared me for the most part of my teenage life and it was only a few years back that I decided to play up with them. But no matter what brand I used or what color I went for, there were always ( and there still are!!) some doubts about it in my mind all the time, like

  • Do hair colors accelerate graying ?
  • Is it safe to use hair colors on pregnant women?
  • How often can I color my hair?
  • What kind of colors would show up best on my already dark hair? etc etc..

I'm going to attend a Hair Color event by a renowned brand very soon, and any questions that you may have, I can have an expert to answer them for you.

So people, pour in all your queries in the comments below and get an answer right from the experts.

Reshma Asks : "How often can i use hair color and what are or are there any side effects of using it every couple of weeks?"

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