January 31, 2014

Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation #55 Beige fonce/ Dark Beige

Product Description:




Tested and approved by 97% of women,* the “new generation” foundation for a rested yet radiant complexion and a flawless, even result for up to 16hrs**
Its formula:
3 colour correcting pigments:
1. Yellow pigments – conceals dark circles for a rested look
2. Mauve pigments – corrects dullness for radiance
3. Green pigments – neutralises redness for an even out the complexion
Soft and smooth formula for an undetectable, second skin finish. Availble in 9 natural shades to suit all skin types.
And it’s good for my skin!
24hr hydration**
- SPF 10
- Cotton Flower – hydration & anti-shine
- non comedogenic, lets skin breathe

The Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation , available for Rs 1450/30 ml across Bourjois Counters 

About a year and a half back, I had some major family events to attend and I was desperately looking for a good foundation. Somehow, I didn't want to go to MAC because I did not like any of their liquid foundations. And one one such foundation searching trip, I stumbled upon a Bourjois counter and the extremely helpful SA helped me select and pick up this foundation.

I have a love-hate relationship with this foundation and I'm going to tell you all why! 
Beginning with the packaging, the foundation comes in a simple glass bottle with a pump, and a transparent plastic cap, that doesn't really close properly. It keeps coming off, and I don't know if mine only has that kind of faulty packaging or if it is the same with others too. Both these thing, that is glass bottle and faulty cap,makes the foundation difficult to carry while travelling unless you transfer into small travel jars! One pump dispenses enough product to cover the face and neck.

The texture of the foundation is watery-gel like. The water base makes it a great product for combination to oily skin like mine. It feels very light on skin, blends easily over a base (primer) and does not cause any break outs.The finish is totally matte, and unless you add highlighting products, the face might look too flat. In summers though, if your skin is too oily, you would need to add powder on top of this. The coverage is medium. Building up the layers doesn't work with this product,because the foundation then turns patchy! So, if you need extra coverage under this, it's best to use a concealer before . It has SPF 10, so that's added sun protection for you ,although I prefer my foundations to be without SPF and instead I apply a layer a sun protection under the primer.

I have experienced that this foundation does not spread easily if I just try to use it over a moisturized face, so a primer is a must. Secondly, the foundation has a tendency to stick to dry patches of skin,and accentuate them, so make sure your face is very well moisturized before you put this on. Also, using a foundation brush may result in a streaky application,however much you may blend(I have The Body Shop Foundation Brush and even that failed to blend this foundation properly,although it works great with my other liquid or creamy formulation products!!)), so a final patting and a little bit of blending with fingers makes the foundation settle down better. It claims to stay for upto 16 hrs, but I am not too sure. I have worn this upto 10 hrs,and it managed to stay put on my face and hold the rest of the makeup securely for that duration.

A great characteristic of this foundation is the presence of color correcting pigments, yellow, for correcting darkness, mauve for anti-dullness, and green for anti-redness. It;s the only foundation I have seen that has all of these pigments and to an extent, if your skin is clear, you don't need any other color correcting products.The color correcting pigments do brighten up a dull looking face!

The time when I got this foundation, my skin was in good shape,and I did not experience any other issues apart from what I mentioned above. Come summers, and I got a little tanned and one shade darker, and this product started looking ghastly on me. Because of the SPF, and the fact that it was not a right shade for me anymore, the foundation would just oxidize, and give an absolutely cloudy and delirious grey cast on my face. And I stopped using it for the whole of summers. It's winters again, and apart from the dryness part, which is taken care of by my moisturizer, I'm totally enjoying using this foundation. On a well moisturized and primed face, this really looks great, I add a little bit of highlighter to my face and it's all done!!

The Bourjois 123 Perfect foundation is a great option if you can find an exact match in the limited number of shades available in India. It gives a matte finish,stays for long,even on hot and humid days, and the color correcting pigments can brighten up a dull complexion. Be sure to use it on well moisturized face,and cover any uneven pigmentation with a concealer beforehand. Do NOT try layering on the product because it might just turn patchy! It is neither drying nor hydrating, so would not disturb your skin's oil-water balance

I'm also wearing this Foundation in my FOTDs  HERE,HERE and HERE

P.S.: Sorry about the lousy pics, the bottle has been quite manhandled and therefore all the lettering are almost erased :/


  1. great review.. i love bourjois products!!

    1. Even I love Bourjois products...most of them work great ;)

  2. I want to try this kab se…goes in my India list. hehehe
    have you tried the cream shadows by bourgeois yet? they are a rage in UK ATM

    1. get the right shade match Bee, that's all I can say..thoda bhi upar -neeche hua nahi ki gaye :/
      Cream shadows are not yet here..would love to try when they do come in :)

  3. Nice Review Dear :) .. Looks a Great Product .. I'm Loving the Finish and Coverage it offers to you - Flawless and Gorgeous ! <3

    1. Thank you Vipra....It's a nice product with small little cons here and there ;)


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