January 18, 2014

Faces Foam Away Mousse Cleanser for Skin Type 2-Combination Skin

Faces Foam Away Mousse Cleanser (Rs 399/200 ml) is a cleanser meant for washing away makeup as well as impurities. It is formulated with sea emollient to moisturize and soothe the skin and has vitamins C and E for antioxidant benefits. It claims to leave skin looking brighter,softer and perfectly clean.

Directions to use:
Apply foam on wet skin. Massage gently, rinse thoroughly with water. Follow with moisturizer. Use A.M. and P.M..


My Experience with the Product:

I had got this cleanser from the Faces Store in GKII when we were there for the launch of the Sand Coat Nail Lacquers shared in the post HERE. I have Combination to oily skin in summers and Normal to Dry skin in winters. Weird?? I know !! So, anyway, I didn't want to take a chance and instead of the Cleansers available for Dry and Oily skin, I opted for this as it seemed to be a safer bet, and I'm glad I did.

The cleanser comes in a big 200 ml sturdy plastic bottle with a pump like dispenser and a transparent cap, and looks like a green watery  liquid inside. Once you pump the nozzle, it dispenses white foam that's quite light and froth like.. The amount of foam you get in two pumps, is sufficient to clean your face and neck and even though I have been using this cleanser daily for more than 2 weeks, I have not managed to use up even 10% of the product so I know this is going to last me a long time. The packaging is not travel friendly though!

Even on days, when I'm wearing a lot of eye makeup, like a primer,shadow, eyeliner and mascara, and feel lazy to use a eye makeup remover first, this cleanser cleans it all except for faint traces of liner under the upper lashes or so. It has effectively removed stubborn makeup like Lakme's Absolute Kohl Ultimate, so I can say for sure it does it's job well of removing makeup. And even on days, I'm not wearing any makeup, I feel my skin squeaky clean and fresh after washing with this. It has a very gentle and fresh fragrance that lingers on for a few minutes post wash.

I get best results out of this product if I use luke warm water to wash my face instead of cold water.

It doesn't make my skin dry or stretchy, but I always like to top off with a  moisturizer after washing my face as a rule. This cleanser doesn't even break me out!! It is working great for my skin in this winters and I can imagine it would be an amazing cleanser for face in summers too. 

Overall, the FACES Foam-Away Mousse Cleanser is a great face wash that effectively removes all impurities off your skin as well as makeup. At a price point of Rs 399, you get 200 ml of product which can easily last you more than 2 months even with regular use. I am quite impressed by the first skincare product that I've tried from Faces and am surely looking forward to try some more. 

Faces Mousse Cleanser is available at Faces Store in GKII. Not available online yet.


  1. Will bet this on my next visit :) hassle free :))

    1. Oh yes Bee..It's a fabulous face wash..I have nothing to complain about ...try it for sure! :)


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