January 2, 2014

Faces Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Lacquer #63 Red Velvet

Faces recently launched their Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Lacquers and I had blogged about the event HERE.

Today I will be reviewing a gorgeous shade from the same range called Red Velvet.

The Faces Ultime Pro Sand Coat Nail Lacquer #63 RED VELVET (Rs 399,available across Faces Counters, and stand alone stores) is a beautiful Red with a hint of Pink and an absolutely gorgeous gritty finish like golden sand.

The Nail Color needs three coats to give completely opaque color. It comes in a round nail polish bottle with a black cap and I think they could have done a better job at the packaging. The round cap/brush handle sometimes slips from my hands while I apply the polish and therefore I would've loved something with a better grip, maybe a rubberized cap!

The consistency of the nail polish is neither too thick nor too thin and the excellent quality brush makes application a cakewalk. I especially like the fact that even with a gritty texture like this, the nail polish dries quite quickly, but not as fast as to make application tough.

The Nail Color chipped mildly after 3 days of wear as you can see in the pictures below, and this is when I wash my hands way too many times a day, and do quite a bit of housework. Otherwise, I am pretty sure you can get a minimum of 5 days of wear with this one, even without a top coat.
It's your magic potion for a fabulous manicure at home!!

Surprisingly, for a glittery grainy nail color, I had no trouble taking it off with a nail polish remover, so that's a big plus from my side. You know how tough it is to take off glitter nail polishes,right??

Overall, The Faces Ultime Pro Sand Coat #63 Red Velvet is a total winner for me because of

  • The staying power
  • The fabulous brush tip
  • The gorgeous grainy finish
  • They can instantly turn your nails from Drab to Fab, who wants to go to a salon for a manicure! 
  • Finally,we have textured Nail polishes in India
If there was one thing that I would've liked to change, it would be the round cap only because it doesn't give a good grip.
Do you notice the minor chipping on the index finger? This is after 3 days of wear..ya, I know,totally awesome :)

P.S.: The glitter that you see on my two nails is from the Faces stack-able Glitter that I got the other day and I've found a great way to apply them without being messy, i.e. just by using a clear base. Hope you liked it :)


  1. Pretty shade Agni.. I will definitely pick one from this soon :)

  2. Dying to try them, wish to see them online soon.. Lovely shade. :)

  3. Sucha sucha sucha brilliant shade and with the sand effect its looking even better!!! And Faces doesnt bite your pocket like some other nail-savvy brands do! I miss this brand :(

  4. Woaah ! Its a Killer shade :) .. Loved the texture and finish on offer <3
    It looks Awesome on your nails ! Red suits you to the core :*

  5. Wow lovely shade..will pick it soon for sure !!!


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