January 20, 2014

MAYBELLINE New York COLOR SHOW #005- Wine & Dine

Maybelline New York Color Show Nail Polish (INR 75 for 6 ml) in 005 Wine & dine is a deep dark chocolate with burgundy tinge and an obvious red undertone and beautiful reddish shimmer. The nail Polish applied opaque after 3 coats and takes a while to completely dry.. There was some streakiness  in the initial two coats and some amount of pooling along the sides.. This particular nail polish chipped on the 2nd day itself.. The consistency is more towards runny,and I was quite disappointed after the first coat because it applied very sheer. It was only after the 3rd coat that the actual color showed up. If you're not careful with application, you might end up having bald spots that can look ghastly in bright light.The finish is glossy, and even without a top coat, it looks quite shiny on my nails, just the way I prefer my nail colors to be.

My biggest concern about the Color Show nail Polishes is that the quality varies across shades and while some shades are opaque and dense, this shade felt way too watery. The brush in this polish is again, not consistent with the other polish brushes from the same range. I had a tough time picking up color and applying because for one nail I had to dip the brush in color at least two times.. There is no doubt that Wine &Dine is a great color for this season, and generally too, I quite like the Color Show Range,, but because the application was not totally effortless, I would not like to suggest this color to anyone.

Maybelline COLOR SHOW Nail Polish in Wine &Dine is a dark chocolate-burgundy shade and is ideal for winters.. But the application of this shade is quite a task,and I'm not impressed. Also, I feel this chips faster than other colors from the same range. You might skip it if you like easy going nail polishes that don't need much effort to apply!

Have you tried the Color Show Nail Polishes from Maybelline? What are you favorite shades?



  1. shade is lovely but sad about the texture :(

    1. ya really Poorva..It's quite sad because I really liked the shade a lot :(

  2. Replies
    1. It is Gowthami..only the texture is not so great :'(


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