January 23, 2014

The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter/Beurre Corporel : Review

Product description:
This luxurious Body Butter has a rich, floral scent. Each pot contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers. Dip in for skin that feels silky soft.

According to The Body Shop:
We source our Community Fair Trade honey from Bezamar in Ethiopia. The honey is made in the Bale Eco-Region, where hives are handcrafted from locally grown bamboo. The raw comb is harvested and the honey is separated, filtered and tested for quality. These traditional methods promote strong, healthy bees and deter logging. 

Product Benefits:
 - 24-hour hydration
 - Leaves skin feeling softer and smoother
 - Buttery texture
 - Rich, floral scent
The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter (Rs 995/200 ml) is a rich creamy and buttery body cream that melts into your skin and leaves it feeling super soft and fragrant for as long as 20 hrs and more.

Housed in the regular Body Butter tubs with screw on lids that TBS makes, this body butter invigorates your olfactory senses as soon as you open the lid. The fresh floral fragrance reminds me of a valley full of wild flowers and I can imagine loads of bees hovering over the flowers and going back to their hives for making honey. There seems to be a light honey-like scent to it too, but I'm not quite sure.. The complexity of the scent makes it all the more alluring. The fragrance feels rich and warm, is in my opinion, perfect for this cold and dry winter season here in the northern part of the country. The fragrance sets in deeper with time and entraps your body in a soft floral honey cocoon for hours at a stretch.

This rich body butter cream, just sinks into the skin very easily, and does not leave any oily residue behind. Also it spreads extremely well on the skin, so you don't need too much at one time. I'm usually very liberal while applying body butters but even after using it for more than a week regularly, I haven't been able to use up much of it, so I guess, this would easily last me for more than 2 months even if I use regularly. 
The Honeymania Body Butter actually melts like butter on the skin!!

The hydration that it provides lasts me easily through an entire day, and even at night when I hit my bed, I can detect a faint lingering floral smell on my pulse points. Excellent Hydration for Dry Skin!

My only concern with The Body Shop Body Butters is that these tubs are not sealed and there is no cover on the contents inside so most tubs have the body butters smeared up all into the rings of the screw top lid. I only wish TBS would atleast put a foil seal on the inside so we can be sure that no one else has touched it and it would also prevent the lid from getting messy.

The Honeymania Body Butter is perhaps my best pick from The Body Shop till date and I have also picked up a Lip Balm from the same range that I would review in a few days. I totally regret not getting the Honeymania EDT but I would very soon, for sure!


  1. I have the mini tub of this n it's really nice :)

  2. i have recently picked this and totally love it!

  3. It smells too temoting.. I liekd it vibrant packaging too.. <3 <3

  4. Shall try it soon :) actually, that is a concern ... but only once, I had it without seal..that too when I bought the butter on sale..


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