February 9, 2014

L'Oreal Paris LISS ULTIME :Thermo Smoothing Oil :Review

L'Oreal Paris Liss Ultime (Rs 580/50 ml) ,available online at Purplle.com and in Salons across the country. 


This leave-in serum provides a long lasting, anti-humidity shield to control the hair and keep it frizz-free. The 

light, water-soluble formula, envelops the hair giving it a fabulous shine and controlled smoothness.

How to Use

- Rub a few pumps between hands and work through the mid-lengths and ends of shampooed, towel-dried 
- Do not rinse
Style as usual

Tip: the quantity of serum needed is dependent on how much hair you have and how thick it is. Start with a 
small amount and add more as needed.

The L'Oreal Paris Liss Ultime comes in a purple tinted GLASS bottle with a pump top that locks with a twist. The packaging being glass, I wouldn't dare to travel with it, apart from the fact that I'm also not too sure about the nozzle cap getting twisted inside and spilling some contents. 

The serum, is transparent, with the silicone giving it a very slippery feeling to touch. The texture is neither too thick nor too thin and spreads easily. Two pumps are usually sufficient to cover my medium length hair. As directed on the bottle, I always apply this on towel dried hair which makes it easier for me to work the product through hair. 

Since it is a thermo smoothing oil, I only use it before styling or blow drying my hair. After, I started using the Liss Ultime, my hair definitely looks incredibly shiny after a blow dry. 

My biggest problem/concern with blow drying was it always used to make my hair very frizzy and the baby hair on the front of my head would get charged and stand straight which looked quite odd. With the Liss Ultime, there's a considerable reduction in frizz post blow dry. For the past 2 months, I've been mostly blow drying my hair after every wash because the weather was too cold to let them air dry without my sinuses creating trouble for me. Thankfully for this product, I've managed to pass winters without any damage to my hair because of using a hair drier almost regularly.

Also, on one or two occasions that I've tried using styling tools to curl or straighten my hair, my hair would get damaged a lot, and would feel very dry and rough for months and it wouldn't get better with hair spas or deep conditioning! (that was when i didn't know that one is supposed to used a heat protectant before styling!). Styling after using Liss Ultime has surely helped in controlling damage, my hair doesn't lose it's natural shine or softness after styling!

Although I still don't style on a regular basis, but only once in a while ,but Liss Ultime makes sure that I don't damage them like before.

The only issue with the serum is that it is not moisturizing, so the day after I've applied Liss Ultime on my hair, the hair feels very dry, although that problem is taken care of after a wash to take away the product from hair.

Overall, I really like L'Real Paris Liss Ultime as a heat protectant and smoothing serum before styling. The effect lasts for just a day but the shine is totally worth it! It does control frizz to a big extent, and protects hair from the heat damaging effects of styling tools.It is not moisturizing on hair, but since the product doesn't even claim to, so I wouldn't count it as a drawback. The hair do resume their normal texture after a wash anyway! If you're looking for a heat protectant hair serum, this might be a great choice for normal to oily hair. For already dry hair/hair ends, you might want to look for a more moisturizing heat protectant, or use a moisturizing serum along with the Liss Ultime to prevent any further drying.


  1. I am not getting it anywhere :) oos everywhere... nice review..

    1. aww..maybe you should try at some salons...there are many stock up on these

  2. Sounds great, would love to try it out <3

    1. You'd love it Rakshanda..Btw, would love to know what styling products you use, especially heat protectants?


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