February 10, 2014

NewU Nail Enamel #14 FLAMINGO : Review

NewU Nail Enamel (Rs 35/6 ml) #14 Flamingo is a beautiful raspberry pink Nail color. The consistency of this Nail Polish is medium, neither too thick nor too runny and the thin brush allows for precise application . It applied to medium coverage and goes opaque in three coats.

The formula is non-streaky,and there is no bubbling/pooling along the sides. The finish is super glossy and the glossiness stays for atleast a day,after which it fades..

The packaging is super simple, very ordinary,and honestly I don't mind it! The screw top brush is quite smooth and not flimsy plastic, and it feels quite sturdy and stable.
For a budget nail enamel,the performance is quite nice, and I love how the pretty raspberry pink color complements my skin.  

It lasts easily for 2 days without chipping and gets removed easily without any fuss.

This particular bottle is from the old packaging,and the new bottles are more flat , I reviewed one of these a few days before in my post HERE

NewU polishes are total value for money and I just can't seem to get enough! Do check them out sometime, I'm sure you'd like them a lot too.

Do I recommend?? Of course YES!!

P.S.: The pictures were taken after 2 days of wear ,hence you can see that minor chipping on the top of nails,and sorry about the dry cuticles, no time for a mani :)


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