February 13, 2014

NewU Nail enamel Burnt Sienna : Review

NewU Nail Enamel (Rs 35/6 ml) #12 Burnt Sienna is a soft brown nail enamel that can be a great Nude for many. The consistency of this Nail Polish is medium, neither too thick nor too runny and the thin brush allows for precise application . It applied to medium coverage and goes opaque in two coats.

The formula is non-streaky,and there is no bubbling/pooling along the sides. It has a beautiful glossy shine and that stays for only a day, post which it fades. Adding a top coat helps the shine to stay longer.

It's again a very ordinary and simple packaging ,just like all other NewU Nail Enamel sthat I've reviewed so far! The screw top brush is quite smooth and not flimsy plastic, and it feels quite sturdy and stable.

The shade is such a stunner and is easily one of my favorites from the range. It's simple and subtle yet very chic, and a perfect color to wear to work!

It lasts easily for 2 days without chipping and gets removed easily without any fuss.

If you're looking for a nude to wear to work, or to accompany your "summer girl" looks, look no further. This is just PERFECT!!
I can't recommend these NewU polishes enough. They've totally stolen my heart because of their quality vs price ratio which is quite HIGH!! 

 And a "mani-distaster" ;) :D


  1. Demure shade and loved the nail art ...

  2. This is my kind of shade ... and that nail art is nice!

    1. haha..Thanks Shalini, it turned out to be quite blotchy :D

  3. It's quite polished and sophisticated,no?


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