February 12, 2014

NewU Nail enamels, #30 Carmine Pink, #63 Slate grey :Review

NewU Nail Enamel (Rs 50/5 ml) ,available at Dabur NewU outlets across the country
#30 Carmine Pink, is a gorgeous creamy Coral Orange,that screams summers and beach holidays.It applied smoothly, and goes opaque in about 3 coats. The consistency is slightly runny,and controlled application,layer by layer , gives a glossy rich finish to the color. This stays on for about 3 days, and is one of the better performing colors from the NewU Nail enamel range. 

#63 Slate Grey , well this one sure needs a special mention, because of the shade as well as the finish. Slate Grey, the color, is color is exactly what it has been named. It's a gorgeous medium dark grey, sans any shimmer or pearl, a color quite unique for my collection. It applied a little streaky in the first coat, but the streakiness is not visible after a third coat. The finish, oh my love, it's a matte finish nail enamel..I didn't realize it while I was buying it at the store, because it sure looks glossy while you apply, but in a few minutes, sets to a gorgeous matte finish. The shade in itself is quite Gothic,and the finish makes it absolutely a stunner to look at. There aren't too many brands that make matte finish nail enamels,and this one by NewU ,along with being unique (shade and finish!) is so afford-ably priced too. It lasts for a good two days without chipping. I simply love it!

I can't really recommend these enough because they just have so many shades and textures, that it's impossible to choose a few. 

Sharing images of a simple Nail art I tried with these two polishes. French tips with a twist!


  1. Wow! Stunning nails, love this colour combination =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, I guess the combo kind of worked better than I imagined :)

  3. Totally loved the mani combo...I have just a single new u np...and now it craves for company :(


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