February 14, 2014

Tic-Tac-Toe : Perfecting your makeup! Lesson 1,Part 1 : Perfecting the skin, Prepping the canvas

Hi Everyone,

If you have been following me on Facebook, you would know by now that about three weeks back, I had posted about a new series that I was going to start on my blog (HERE). So, finally, after a bit of research, lots of homework, taking mental and actual notes of what all I intended to do under this series, I am ready for my first post that will be called 
Tic-Tac-Toe: Perfecting your makeup. 
If it's makeup, it is NEVER Natural, you may try to make it look as close to natural, but in the end it's always a blend of chemicals that you slather on your face and not applying them properly is what can make your makeup LOOK ARTIFICIAL. Understanding your skin type, your face shape, undertones etc and using colors and pigments accordingly  will help you bring out the best in your features. The underlying motive behind staring this series was the numerous request and questions that I received from readers of this blog,and my friends and acquaintances asking me to clarify or demonstrate on certain basic steps to achieving a flawless face. I hope I can cover up all that I intend to in this series and answer everyone's queries about certain specifics of makeup. If you have any queries that you want me to answer through this series, you may post them under the comments section in this post,. If you have already posted a question on my Facebook post, do not worry, because I have them all listed in my notes. I will update this series as frequently as I can. I would mostly cite references of products that I've used or tried to give you a fairer idea of how things work under Indian conditions, and would cite references if a particular product has already been reviewed on the blog. I would try to mention products/options/alternatives that are easily available in India. 

I can't thank you all enough for all the appreciation,love and support you've given me in the last few days! 

Hopping on to the topic.

Lesson 1 : Perfecting the skin.

Part 1 : Prepping the canvas (To be covered in this post)
Part 2 : Hiding Imperfection (To be covered in the next Post)

Part 1: Prepping the Canvas

Makeup is an art, and every art always ideally begin on a smooth and clean canvas for the work to shine through. It is therefore absolutely important to prepare your skin before you start applying makeup. The first step towards this is starting on a clean base. If you have been wearing makeup already,make sure you completely strip off any remaining traces from your skin before you go for a second round because remnants from previous makeup can not only make your new makeup look patchy, but it might also cause skin irritations. Follow a proper Cleansing-toning-moisturization routine and follow up with a sunscreen if your moisturizer doesn't have any. Choosing a moisturizer according to your skin type is of utmost importance here. Apply a lip conditioner and wait for 5 mins for the products to sink into your skin.

The next step that you would like to follow is working on diminishing/blurring softer imperfections. These may be fine lines, open pores, or lifting up the dullness in your skin. Also, most foundations contain ingredients like Talc and Mica that might penetrate your skin and clog pores, and to combat that issue, you need a layer of product that would act as a barrier between your skin and rest of the makeup, and allow your skin care products to keep working under those layers of makeup . And for this purpose, you would need a PRIMER. Primers not only help in increasing the longevity of makeup, but also makes it go on smooth and prevents meltdown in extreme conditions like humidity or heat! But remember, DO NOT try to rub your primer into the skin, always apply with a light hand for best results.

You may choose a Primer according to your overall skin type (Normal, dry, oily) or for specific concerns (pore minimizing, oil controlling, hydrating) or to improve the general appearance of skin (Combat redness with a green based primer, or cancel dullness with a purple based primer, lift up the look with an illuminating primer).

If you have different concerns that you would like to address , you may also use two or three different types of primers. Like a pore minimizing primer on the cheeks and a mattifying primer on the T-Zone. This is something I personally like to do on special occasions or when I have the luxury of time to get ready for a party. 

Now you may ask, what's the best way to apply primer?
Well, it depends!! For the face, I usually stick to washed and sanitized hands, and for eyes I like to use a brush for the simple reason that it's easier to reach inner corners and apply the product under the waterline. 

Below are some Face primers that I have already used:
  1. DEBORAH MILANO 24 ORE perfect PRIMER : (Mattifying + Correcting action)
  2. MAC PREP+PRIME Skin Base Visage (Illuminating)
  3. MUA Matte Perfect Primer (Mattifying)
  4. FACE it OIL CUT Pore balm (Pore Minimizing)
  5. L'Oreal Paris Base Magique (Pore Minimizing +Mattifying)
  6. Bourjois Flower perfection Primer (Correcting )
Some other primers that are available in India are Revlon's Photoready Primer, Colorbar Primer, you may get NYX primers at some online stores and they have color correcting ones too.
 And some eye primers that I have used:

  1. MUA PRO-Base Eye Primer (colorless)
  2. Urban Decay primer Potion Original (colorless)
  3. Urban Decay primer Potion ,Sin (Shimmery beige)
  4. NYX Eyeshadow base , WHITE
  5. Inglot eyeshadow Base (Skin)
Now they all are there for different reasons, the colorless ones work under all kinds of eye makeup, the shimmery one can be either used just n it's own, or to uplift the shine of a pearl finish shadow or add a little shimmer base under matter eyeshadows, and the white and skin colored ones help in popping up brighter shades a lot more than they would actually show on my slightly dark lids.

You may also find eye primers in DEBORAH MILANO, Revlon and NYX (only online), MAC etc. 
Decide upon a budget and look for the best in your range! 

You also do get lip primers that have the same function much like Face and eye primers. They make lipsticks  smoothly and makes them last longer. In India, you can get one in MAC, other than that Urban Decay also makes one. Alternatively, you may use a foundation over a lip balm and that too works :)

That marks the end of Part I of this post. Post II will be up soon. Meanwhile you may also read my past articles on makeup here:

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