February 4, 2014

Vichy Bi-WHITE MED NIGHT Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream : Review

The Vichy Bi-WHITE MED NIGHT Whitening Reneweing Sleeping Cream (Rs 1960/50 ml)is a night care gel-creme that is meant for sensitive skin and claims to work on dullness,complexion flaws and dehydrated skin.

Product Claims:


Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, suitable for sensitive skin, tested under dermatological control on Asian skin, with Vichy Thermal spa water.
Creates 24-hr hydration and protective barrier against stress and pollution on the upper layer of the epidermis

To begin with, let me explain my skin problems first. I have normal to acne prone skin,that breaks out at the slightest change of weather and food habits. I do happen to have some pigmentation on the sides of my face, like under the temples and on the sides of cheeks, and a few sun spots under my left eye. Due to my stressful routine, I hardly have any time left to go for proper facial treatments, and don't exactly follow a scrubbing routine, because of which my skin looks very dull and dehydrated sometimes. Some night creams did also happen to break me out, or worked on my skin only for a few weeks and didn't show much results afterwards. I was looking for a night cream that would replenish my skin's lost moisture content,without making it greasy,and without causing any breakouts and I chanced upon the Bi-WHITE MED NIGHT on a casual visit to NewU one day and decided to give it a try.

The Vichy Bi-WHITE MED NIGHT Whitening Reneweing Sleeping Cream comes in a blue glass jar with a white screw top lid. Although,the packaging is fuss free, I have a fear of breaking glass jars after my sorry experience with one new jar of a night cream. It sits prettily on the dresser and the blue color of the jar lends that hint of seriousness to the product. I love it, but wouldn't dare to travel with it!

The texture of this cream is like a soft pulpy gel, and you wouldn't dare to keep the bottle sideways or upside down,because the gel doesn't stick to the insides of the jar, but keeps wobbling like some jelly and might get smeared on to the lids as well and make it messy.As you apply the cream, it just melts on the skin and with a little bit of massage, gets absorbed well.. It also looks oily immediately upon application, but within a matter of a few minutes, my skin just takes in the moisture and immediately feels and looks a little more relaxed and hydrated. It has a slight cooling effect upon application and a very fresh feminine fragrance about it. I love the soothing effect it has on my skin ,perhaps because of the Thermal Spa water 

After using this for more than a month solely as a night cream ,and using this as my day cream and night cream for 2 months thereafter, I can say for sure this is perhaps an excellent serendipitous product for me. Unlike many night creams, that tingle , and create a whitish case, and in some cases also broke me out, this night cream delivers a lot of what it promises to. Apart from the whitening factor, which I never believed or expected , this cream has taken care of my winter skin like no other. Every morning, I wake up to soft and supple skin and the fine lines that had appeared on my face (especially around the mouth,and around the eyes) because of dehydrated skin(I'm just guessing!!) seem less prominent.

When using this as a day cream, it provides a great base to my BB creams and powder foundations, although I wouldn't use it as a base to liquid foundations because it creates a considerable amount of slip. I am quite looking forward to buying both the day and night versions of this cream as soon as I finish this one because this just might not be a good day cream for my skin in summer.

Overall, the Vichy Bi-WHITE MED NIGHT Whitening Renewing Sleeping Cream is a great product fro sensitive skin because the ingredients like Thermal Spa Water and Peony Extracts make it feel very soothing on the skin and calming on the senses. Continuous usage of more than 3 months has visibly reduced the fine lines on my skin and my skin looks and feels more supple and plump. I would totally recommend this one if your skin is acne prone and sensitive like mine.


  1. Great Review and good it worked..

  2. Thank you Tanmayee. Yes, it worked great on my sensitive skin :)

  3. I was eyeing this one myself! will probably pick up once my current night cream is over :)


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